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  1. Speedy When you run PEST on the computer with the problem can you see if another program is running: tail.exe? This program is used to see the text being written to the pest output file. I am assuming that there is something wrong with that program on your computer. I am not 100% percent sure this is the problem but it is worth checking.
  2. Index is out of range

    Are you using the latest version of GMS? If not, try that first. If you are, then it is possible that there is a bug and you should contact support.
  3. Transient spatially distributed recharge

    We will be adding a feature to the next version of GMS to apply rasters to various stress periods in the Areal packages (RCH, EVT, ETS). There will not be a need to import these into your project they can be processed directly from the RCH package.
  4. MT3DMS Error with MODFLOW-NWT

    SEAWAT is based on MODFLOW 2000, not NWT. That may cause you problems. Also, if you use MODFLOW-NWT and your model includes SFR, LAK, or UZF then MODFLOW will write an HFF file that is in a format the MT3DMS does not recognize and you will have to use MT3D-USGS.
  5. LPF package

    It is difficult to answer this question without seeing your model. I don't know of any reported bugs with this feature so you may have missed a step. If you need further help feel free to contact support.
  6. Well screens

    The sign on the flow rate for extraction with MODFLOW is negative and positive for injection. Check that you have the extraction specified with a negative value.
  7. Observation points using MODFLOW USG

    No limited number of observation points. From the description it would be difficult to trouble shoot your issue. You should contact support@aquaveo.com for some help.
  8. MT3DMS

    Go to the Starting concentrations dialog from the MT3D basic package. Then use the "3D Dataset -> Grid" button to map the dataset that you created with the interpolation tools to the starting concentrations for MT3D.
  9. Observations in MODFLOW-USG

    They work differently in USG because there is no OBS package. See this tutorial for more info: http://gmstutorials-10.3.aquaveo.com/MODFLOW-USG-Calibration.pdf
  10. transient recharge

    This looks like a bug. Can you contact support@aquaveo.com so we can look at your project and fix the issue.
  11. Fixed pilot points in PEST NSMC

    Do you know what the error condition is that prevents PAR2SEN from working?
  12. Fixed pilot points in PEST NSMC

    So the tutorial seems to work fine with fixed points. I just tried it again this morning. Does PEST report any errors? Perhaps it is a bug in parallel PEST.
  13. Multilayer model calibration

    Try this tutorial: http://gmstutorials-10.3.aquaveo.com/MODFLOW-TransientCalibrationPumpTest.pdf Multi-layer and transient.
  14. SFR2 but functional as SFR1

    Yes, the unzaturated zone interaction is not yet supported in our interface. Part of the reason to call it SFR2 is that is the MODFLOW package (in the MODFLOW code) that is used. This feature is on our TODO list and will hopefully be implemented in the near future.
  15. Potential Bug in CLN Well pkg?

    We have found and fixed a bug in GMS related to this. There is also a bug in MODFLOW-USG that Sorab Panday and Chris Langevin are looking to fix. We will give an update when MODFLOW-USG is fixed.
  16. Holes in Horizontal Barrier Flow

    It is possible that this is a display bug or perhaps a bug in the assignment of the HFB. Can you contact support@aquaveo.com so we can take a closer look at this issue.
  17. UZF+ SWR process

    I mean you would have to manually edit the name file and add this package. You will need to look at the SWR documentation to see how the input file is created and then do so manually. https://water.usgs.gov/ogw/swr/
  18. How to create complex model including some faults

    Would you mind posting the surfaces that you are trying to use so that we could look at them?
  19. How to create complex model including some faults

    Also, depending on how the faults affect flow you may want to consider using the HFB package to represent the faults.
  20. CLN well head results in binary file

    The contours are the values at the Groundwater cells. I am sure that these are different than the heads in the individual wells. The value at the groundwater cell is affected by the CLN well but I am sure the head is different. If you turn on print heads in output control and turn off saving heads to file, the CLN will get printed to the listing file. This will at least let you see the values but I am not sure that this will solve your problem.
  21. CLN well head results in binary file

    Sean To make sure I understand... You want to see the model outputs at the CLN cells (the 1D network), correct? This feature is not yet implemented in GMS. Let me check with the development team to see what it would take to read it in.
  22. unreadable values of Z-axis

    This is a known issue and is on our list to fix. Unfortunately, we don't have a quick fix for it.
  23. UZF+ SWR process

    The SWR package is included in the versions of MODFLOW that are distributed with GMS but there is no interface to this package inside of GMS. You would have to create the SWR input file by hand. I am not sure how long it will take to add this package to GMS that depends on priorities, user requests, and funded development.
  24. UZF+ SWR process

    The SWR1 package is not yet supported in GMS. It will be supported in a future version of GMS.
  25. Fixed pilot points in PEST NSMC

    We have fixed this issue and added a test. It will be in the next update of GMS (10.3.4). If you need it sooner you can get a link to the nightly build from the tech support group.