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  1. Alan Lemon

    GMS crashing when trying to use MODPATH

    I assume that you have contacted support@aquaveo.com. If not you should do that. We are not aware of any reported bugs with MODPATH particles so it may be something particular to the project files that you are working with or it may be something particular to your system. Working with support will be the best way to get this resolved.
  2. Alan Lemon

    Reprojecting a GRID

    You can do this manually by editing the origin and rotation of the grid in the Grid Properties dialog.
  3. Alan Lemon

    Dual domain mass transport

    Right click on the dataset and choose View values. Choose the export text button.
  4. Alan Lemon

    Dual domain mass transport

    The Active Dataset Time Series plot will give you the values at selected cells for a particular dataset. Is this what you are looking for? Alternatively, you can right click on the dataset and export it to a text format.
  5. Alan Lemon

    Output with immobile (sorbed) concentration

    see the answer here
  6. Alan Lemon

    Dual domain mass transport

    These are really old forum posts and I believe that this feature was implemented after these questions. If you run the "dual domain" part of this tutorial you will see that the sorbed concentration is read into GMS as part of the MT3D solution. http://gmstutorials-10.3.aquaveo.com/MT3DMS-AdvancedTransport.pdf
  7. Alan Lemon

    Importing 2-D scatter data

    Check your license by going to the Help | Registration command. I am guessing that the 2D Scatter module is not enabled. You can contact sales@aquaveo.com to take care of that if you want to.
  8. Look at the Guassian simulation tool with the 2D Scatter points. It can generate these types of arrays.
  9. Alan Lemon

    MT3D executable crashes and OUT file stops at THKSAT

    What version of MODFLOW-NWT?
  10. Alan Lemon

    RCH output

    Based on some further testing. I was not able to reproduce this problem in the latest version of 10.3. If you follow these steps you will get an ASCII *.dat file with all timesteps. 1. Duplicate the RCH Rate item in the MODFLOW\RCH\RCH Rate. This will create a new dataset. 2. Right click on the newly created dataset and choose the Export option from the menu. In the dialog, select the "ASCII Dataset Files (*.dat)" filter and save the file.
  11. Alan Lemon

    Transient spatially distributed recharge

    The new feature will be in the next version of GMS (most likely 10.4).
  12. Alan Lemon

    How do link GMS and Matlab software?

    You may want to give a better desciption of what you are trying to accomplish; then others can give advice.
  13. Alan Lemon

    RCH output

    This looks like a bug. When you export a *.dat ascii file it should export all time steps. I have reported a bug.
  14. Alan Lemon

    Problems Assigning Horizons with complex model

    The best advice I can give is to start very, very simple and add complexity as you go.
  15. Alan Lemon


    Do you have a *.prj file that uses this datum? There are some new options with Coordinate Systems in the development version. I would like to test this datum to see if it works.
  16. Alan Lemon

    MODFLOW Tutorial project crashes

    I have verified the bug and made a bug report.
  17. Alan Lemon

    ERROR: transient modflow forward run

    Try going into the pilot point options dialog from the MODFLOW parameters dialog. This usually forces GMS to interpolate the pilot points to the grid again.
  18. Alan Lemon

    Observation Wells in Transient Model

    Contact support. It is difficult to diagnose these kinds of problems without being able to see the project.
  19. Alan Lemon

    Transient PEST Run with Pilot Points

    I would contact support so they can look at your transient model.
  20. Alan Lemon

    export color fill or block fill as polygon shape

    You can export the grid as a polygon shape file. The data set value will also export so that you could reproduce block-fill in another GIS program.
  21. Alan Lemon

    MT3D-USGS with dry cells

    Is there a specific reason you want to use MT3D-USGS with mf2k5? There is not any additional functionality over MT3DMS in the current GMS interface. MT3D-USGS has additional functionality for working with models with dry cells but it must be a MODFLOW-NWT model for that functionality to work and you must turn on the "DRYCELL" option in the BTN package.
  22. Alan Lemon

    MODFLOW Solution Properties Dialog

    MODFLOW-USG or another version of MODFLOW? Errors for MODFLOW-USG are computed using utilities from PEST. The other versions of MODFLOW do internal calculations for these errors.
  23. Alan Lemon

    Mark flooded Cells

    I apologize for the inconvenience. I have confirmed that this is a problem. It will be fixed in the next release; we will add a test to make sure that it stays fixed.
  24. Alan Lemon

    MT3DMS Plume Center of Mass

    There is not a tool in GMS that does this. Out of curiosity, what is your definition of the center of mass of a plume?
  25. Alan Lemon

    Array-based parameters with clusters and instances

    This tutorial covers parameter clusters and instances: http://gmstutorials-10.3.aquaveo.com/MODFLOW-AdvancedParameterOptions.pdf Be aware that parameters with clusters and instances are usually more difficult to work with than parameters specified with "key values."