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  1. Mark flooded cells

    I believe this is related to where the flooded cell symbols are drawn. I will add an issue so that when color filled contours are on the symbols will be drawn at the top face of the cell. Another way to see the symbols in the current release of GMS is to turn on transparency for the contours.
  2. Index is out of range

    This issue was related to recharge in very large models. It has been resolved and should be in the next update of GMS 10.3.
  3. Numbering of Streams (SFR2) when connected with lakes (LAK3)

    We will add a task to remove these errors when the lake package is used with SFR.
  4. Importing AHGW stratigraphic model

    I would start here: http://gmstutorials-10.3.aquaveo.com/StratigraphyModeling-HorizonsWithRasters.pdf
  5. Specified flow boundary condition with Modflow-USG

    We will investigate the current limitations on the specified flow boundary with non-stacked grids and post what we find here.
  6. Convert from MODFLOW 2000 to MODFLOW2005

    We will add this check into the MODFLOW model checker.
  7. Interpolate to MODFLOW Layers

    This has been fixed in 10.3 and our development version and a test had been added to verify the fix. You can try it out with the next build of 10.3 (nightly build or next official release).
  8. Materials Pattern Properties

    You can not add a pattern in the current release of GMS.
  9. Index is out of range

    Sounds like it could be a bug that is specific to your model. Contact support@aquaveo.com so that we can take a look.
  10. CAD to Solids

    The convert to cad command only converts what is visible. Try turning on the faces of the solids and then converting to cad.
  11. Interpolate to MODFLOW Layers

    Looks like a bug. We will get it fixed, added to the test suite and post an update.
  12. CAD to Solids

    If there are 3d faces defined in the CAD file then those can be converted to solids.
  13. Exporting Observation Values with MT3D

    This feature does not exist in the current version of GMS.
  14. Scatter point menu / merge scatter point set

    Notice that the link you mention is for the SMS software. This feature is not currently supported in GMS. However, you can submit an item to the feature requests to add it.
  15. SFR Package - Arc interpolation control

    With SFR the upstream and downstream elevations are specified for each segment so there is no interpolation that occurs when you use Map->MODFLOW. The STR package had the elevation at each reach so that interpolation would happen. So if you use the SFR you will have to break up your arcs.
  16. About the Font of Legend

    Unfortunately the current version of GMS does not support Chinese characters as input. This is on our TODO list.
  17. MODFLOW 6

    Yes. We have been in contact with Chris Langevin at USGS about this version and are working on supporting it in a future version of GMS.
  18. Cross Section Editor problem

    I have seen this occur on some systems. Often updating the graphics drivers fixes the problem.
  19. GMS Crash converting shape file to UGRID

    Sounds like a bug. Contact support@aquaveo.com and we will take a loot at the shape file.
  20. ETS package for Modflow-USG

    This functionality of this package will be available in MODFLOW 6. A new version of MODFLOW that will become the "new" main version of MODFLOW (like MODFLOW 2005). It has not been formally released yet but should be available in the fall of 2017.
  21. Transient river leakage

    Once you have imported the MODFLOW solution you should see a CCF item in the project explorer. Right click on the CCF item and choose the CCF->Datasets command. You should see a RIVER LEAKAGE dataset. Select the cell with the data set and then choose the Display | Plot Wizard command. Select the Active Dataset Timeseries plot and then click on Finish. You should now see a plot of river leakage for the selected cell. Right click on the plot and select View Values if you want to copy the data elsewhere.
  22. Interpretation of SEEP2D histograms

    The plot tells you information about the dataset. The histogram tells you the number of values in the data set within different ranges. I personally don't fine the histograms terribly helpful when doing a seepage problem. I look at contours and values on the mesh itself.
  23. Interpretation of SEEP2D histograms

    Can you tell us how you created these plots? What commands did you make in GMS to create them. It is not clear to me what you are looking at or trying to do.
  24. Errors in risk analysis of stochastic modeling

    I don't think there is a problem contouring datasets in GMS. My guess is that the values in the datasets that you are trying to contour do not vary much. For example, maybe there is a value of 1 at the cell where the well is and all of the other cells have a value of 0. I would create a MODPATH model for one of the wells and see how it changes when you change to the various MODFLOW outputs.
  25. Stress periods defined as dates/times

    If you have not done so already please contact support@aquaveo.com to look at your project.