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  1. MODFLOW 6 already released with new capacities. I hope this version will be added to next version of GMS. Thank.
  2. Thank you for quick reply. That problem cause by my fault. I forget to delete CHD BC was set in cells when I change those polygons from CHD to GHB BC. The software run good when I first delete all CHD BC and map GHB coverage to MODFLOW. Sorry for this trouble. I can't find out this from beginning because I can't saw MODFLOW BC symbols in 3D grid. Sometime software show the BC symbols, sometime it not. Thank very much.
  3. I would like to model an area with GHB BC in polygons setting. I set both polygons and arcs to GHB BC. When I map it to MODFLOW then GHB1 package automatic turn off and there are now GHB BC cell is active. I deleted polygons, turn on GHB1 package, map only arcs to MODFLOW but no changed. I already try with v10 x32&x64, v9.2 x32&x64, v9.0 x32&x64, v8.3 x32&x64 but still don't change. Please check this problem. I desperate need this feature. Thank very much.
  4. Thank you for reply my question. There are some reason that I can't use head solution in steady-state calibration to transient model. My model is simulation an area that combination of large pumping area and nature state area. Our observation system was established far from when we starting pumping. From beginning of transient model I would like to continue simulation the development of water head that I interpolated from observation data. With this reason, the results will not the same. Thank very much.
  5. I still do transient calibration of my model in V10.0.3. I got a problem that I can't understand. I setup the model with MODFLOW-2005 from beginning and SAMG solver. Steady-state calibration was done very good. But when I run transient model without check steady-state option for the first stress-period in Global Options/stress-periods control windows then program always report "MODFLOW terminated with error!". This report appear even I changed solvers, changed parameter of solver, fix all check model error, change back to v9.2.9... And my model can only run till the end with check steady-state option for the first stress-period in Global Options/ stress-periods control windows. With this option then my model will show not right results and I don't like this. I already find out the way to solve this problem is turn MODFLOW version to 2000 and the model can run till the end without error, without check steady-state option for first stress-period. I don't know this is a serious bug of program or my model give this error? And I would like to used MODFLOW-2005. Can anyone in dev team check for this problem? Thank very much.
  6. I try with GMG solver and got this " GMG ASSEMBLY ERROR IN SUBROUTINE GMG1AP" and OPTIMISATION RECORD still did not show off. I try with PCG2 solver and it can run to the end but OPTIMISATION RECORD still did not show off. I will contact support@aquaveo.com right now. But sad that my maintenance contract time will come to end very soon.
  7. I run a model for an River Plan. I still analyze sensitive some parameter. But every time I run MDOFLOW then Parallel PEST slayer report error on solver and OPTIMISATION RECORD did not show off as it should. I run model with SAMG solver in x64 edition GMS v9.2.3. I already try with v9.1.6 but got the same problem. And I have licence for SAMG solver. The error report by ppest slayer is: C:\TEMP\GMS_7840\ppest\slave2>"c:\program files\gms 9.2\models\mf2k5\64\mf2k5_h5 _64.exe" 0<v0.00.09.in_1 MODFLOW-2005 U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY MODULAR FINITE-DIFFERENCE GROUND-WATER FLOW MODEL Version 1.11.00 8/8/2013 Enter the name of the NAME FILE: This file is not a GMS MODFLOW superfile. Assuming NAM file Using NAME file: v0.00.09.mfn_1 Run start date and time (yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss): 2013/12/20 18:59:27 WARNING READING LMT PACKAGE INPUT DATA: [sTANDARD] HEADER NO LONGER SUPPORTED; [EXTENDED] HEADER USED INSTEAD. Solving: Stress period: 1 Time step: 1 Ground-Water Flow Eqn. forrtl: error (65): floating invalid Image PC Routine Line Source libmmd.dll 000000000059DACC log10.L 474 log10_ct.c samg_64.dll 000007FEDB4A457F Unknown Unknown Unknown samg_64.dll 000007FEDB4A0AC7 Unknown Unknown Unknown samg_64.dll 000007FEDB35E08D Unknown Unknown Unknown mf2k5_h5_64.exe 000000013FEED1C8 Unknown Unknown Unknown mf2k5_h5_64.exe 000000014021DF49 Unknown Unknown Unknown mf2k5_h5_64.exe 0000000140547E5C Unknown Unknown Unknown mf2k5_h5_64.exe 0000000140543B46 Unknown Unknown Unknown kernel32.dll 000000007777652D Unknown Unknown Unknown ntdll.dll 00000000779AC541 Unknown Unknown Unknown C:\TEMP\GMS_7840\ppest\slave2>exit Model completed: waiting for command to run model again. (Press <Ctl-C> if you wish to stop PSLAVE execution.) I do not know how to solve this problem!!!
  8. I working with solids in GMS v9.0.5. When I export a solid to *.sol file and import it again into same project by using menu open, I find out this new solid complete difference with the old one. I think the new solid should be exactly the same with old one?. I looking for some options for import solid but didn't find out. I change to v9.1.1 but this problem still remain. This problem is a bug or it should like that? Thank.
  9. I setup 1 model using MODFLOW 2005 in GMS 8.2.4 64bit. There is one thing very strange and I don't know it was a bug or it a feature of MODFLOW 2005? There problem it when I run the model in steady state condition and some cells on fist layer was dry. I also have some observation boreholes on that layer. But in the end, head of dry cells was set -777 and the program still calculation errors of observation boreholes was set on these dry cells. Then RMS error was very high. I try to change to MODFLOW 2000 with everything same with old one. And this problem was not appear. RMS error was low enough and observation data in dry cells was skip when program calculation. I am very confuse! I don't understand what going on here? P/S: problem is the same with x32 edition.
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