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  1. It finds all borders (external, islands) in a triangular mesh (ADCIRC14 file) and writes them as a generic nodestrings to output ADCIRC14 file. All nodestrings of input file are ignored. Each closed border is defined as one closed nodestring.
  2. Required the same feature some time ago. Wrote Fortran code to do this. If anybody needs it will be glad to share.
  3. I think Karunakar means merging two data sets with different times into single one containing both times. As I know SMS cannot do this. I have self-developed utility to do this. It has some limitations but anyway. If it's really what is needed I can share it.
  4. This is correct. Elements can be either all linear triangular or all linear quadrilateral. There is no nodestring notion. Instead, boundaries are defined by node codes (integer value >=0 specified after Z coordinate for each node). All boundary faces between adjacent nodes with the same code form corresponding boundary. Code 0 specifies internal node, 1 - land boundary, others should be numbered consequently starting from 1. Boundary face between land node and non-land node is land boundary. Boundary face between two non-land nodes is land boundary.
  5. pshyk

    SMS & ArcGIS

    I'm not familiar with CMS but generally, when you want to save something in shp format you just make it visible in SMS and then choose Save As... -> shapefile. In some cases this doesn't work. Then you can try to convert to CAD by right-clicking in Object Manager and choosing Convert to CAD. Then you can Save As dwg\dxf. Hope this will help.
  6. It's very easy, Matt. Just switch your current model to ADCIRC (Data->Switch Current Model) while being in Mesh Module. Then you'll have "grd" option in Save As dialog. Best regards, Pavlo
  7. pshyk

    SMS and Cyrillic

    Hmmm, nothing to say? It seems to be just a mere bug. Or I'm wrong? Pavlo
  8. Uploaded sample files to here: ftp://pubftp.aquaveo.com/incoming/Pavlo_bug_20110526.rar (cannot create active link in post editor, sorry) Description: ls.14 - mesh, sms_ws.dat - original generic binary file with 3 frames (0,1800,3600 seconds) sms_ws_out.dat - exported generic binary file with incorrect time steps. Instructions: 1) Open mesh. 2) Open sms_ws.dat file - time steps are correct, every 30 min. 3) Export ws dataset to generic binary file. You'll get the file identical to sms_ws_out.dat. 4) Open the exported file - time steps are incorrect. They are converted to days while time units specified are seconds. Tried to use 4 as a time unit. Works. Thanks for this advise. Suppose you should update description at http://wikis.aquaveo.com/xms/SMS:Binary_Data_Set_Files_(*.dat) regards, Pavlo
  9. Hello, There seems to be a bug in SMS 11 beta in such situation: I have a Generic Binary file with 30min time step (timeunits specified inside as seconds) created by 3rd party program. I open it in SMS and time steps are displayed correctly. Then I export it in SMS as another Generic Binary file. And this exported file has all time step values divided by 86400 (the number of seconds in day), while the timeunits are still specified as seconds. So, after opening this exported file in SMS I have incorrect time steps. Also, why there is no "day" timeunits in Generic Binary file format? Thanks, Regards, Pavlo
  10. pshyk

    SMS and Cyrillic

    Hello, Why SMS doesn't allow to use cyrillic fonts. The font's script combobox is disabled everywhere and without it all cyrillic characters are unreadable. It seems it was possible in earlier versions (v8,9). Thanks. Best regards, Pavlo
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