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    Missing Case.dat Error

    Problem solved for steady state run. SMS fixed this bug in version 12.2.8 (june, 2017), I've downloaded latest version (12.3) and the model is running OK. https://www.xmswiki.com/wiki/SMS:Bugfixes_SMS Still can't run supercritical inflow with unsteady flow. Got the error message:
  2. arthurbarboza

    RMA2 stops: punctual very high velocities

    Hi Alan! i'm having trouble when using supercritical inflow as boundary condition (SRH-2D). The model won't even run and I receive this error message during the execution of srhpre: ******************************************** * Program stopped due to the following: * Time_Series data file does not exist! * Error Code is: 6 ******************************************** This error is not in the list of SRH errors so I don't know what to do. The same mesh works fine with subcritical inflow but when I switch to supercritical it won't run. Thanks in advance.
  3. arthurbarboza

    Missing Case.dat Error

    Hi guys, I've been facing this same error message, but with error description: *Program stopped due to the following: * Time_Series data file does not exist! * Error Code is: 6 The point is that I'm running a steady state simulation, with automatic initial condition (I've done some simulation using this initial condition and they were alright). I've tried remaking the mesh, the boundary conditions and the materials information, but with no success. EDIT: Actually, I can run the model with subcritical inflow but when I change to supercritical, the error message appears. Does anyone have a clue about this? I've consulted the SRH-2D error wiki page but there's no explanation about this error message. Thanks,