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  1. Can I determine slope of river using SMS interface?
  2. Try limiting the minimum interpolation value to zero. For this, you have to go interpolation dialogue and then select truncate values and set the minimum value to zero. Hope, this helps.
  3. In following picture, what does "x origin" value actually mean for observation profile in observation coverage attribute?
  4. Problem is solved. A newer version fixes the problem.
  5. Hi, I am trying to do sediment modelling with SMS 12.3.4. Model is executed with exit code 0. But, I couldn't find any time series window after simulation. In the project explorer, there are a series of output of SRH 2D but they don't show any result. While running, quick_win window shows very little progress. What may be the problem and solution? An image of quick_win window just before the completion of simulation, is attached herewith.
  6. Actually, I want to draw domain coverage like the picture attached below. But, feature arc can be drawn only on plan view. So, I am trying to interpolate elevations from scatter sets to nodes and vertices. Without any feature object present in active coverage, "interpolate to map option" doesn't work. If you have any idea on drawing such type of feature arc, share with me.
  7. Hi, I want to interpolate elevations from the active scatter set to the nodes and vertices of arcs. But, when I turn on scatter module, interpolate to map from scatter option doesn't work. It seems dim. How can I perform this ?
  8. Hi, I am getting the following error message while performing sediment transport simulation. Is there any solution to this problem?
  9. Thanks for your reply. Actually, I mean that I am using SMS for numerical modeling as It comes with SRH-2D which is the solver. Full sediment transport capabilities are supported in SMS from the release of SMS 12.2. You can check it here. https://www.xmswiki.com/wiki/SMS:What's_New_in_SMS_12.2#SRH-2D
  10. Hi, I am using SMS 12.3.4. My thesis is related to hydrodynamic modeling with bank erosion along a river. By going through several papers, I came to know that SRH-2D had included bank erosion module. I want to use this module, but I can't find any guideline in internet that how I can use this module if I use SMS for numerical modeling. It would be very helpful for me if someone give me some guideline or step-wise direction on how to use bank retreat module of SRH-2D along with SMS. Thanking you, Shahidul Islam.
  11. Sorry. I have mistaken. That was not hydrograph but residual graph. Thank you very much.
  12. Could you remember whether the removed one is the hydrograph showing when model running or not? Because, now I am able to see the progress for monitor point but can't see any progress hydrograph.
  13. Hi, I am using SMS 12.3.4. Previously, I used sms 12.1.6. When I used the old version, I could see progress window while running model. But, with SMS 12.3.4, I can't see any progress graph for any observation points. Am I doing anything wrong ?
  14. I have got the answer. Boundary stress is a standard output of sms and it represents bed shear stress based on frictional resistance of flow. It is depth averaged value. And, of course, I can calculate bank erosion using fine mesh.
  15. Is Boundary stress given by SMS after postprocessing the flow induced stress? Is it depth averaged value? Can I calculate bank erosion by this value? ---Shahidul Islam.
  16. I read from a book that "Where there is a sharp change, high resolution should be used there." I think, this is talking about refining mesh.
  17. I want to know about local refinement and how can I do it by SMS software?
  18. Sir, I am using 12.1.6 version of SMS. I ran the model again and this time, model gave me better result. I have some more questions which are given below: 1. Are there any hard and fast rule for creating domain coverage ? As for example, is there any rule that domain should be within TIN? 2. How can I view the number of elements in existing mesh? 3. I want to know about time step and simulation time for running hydraulic model which I have to input into model control section. If you have any effective document defining this terms, provide me, that would be very helpful for me. Thanking you. Shahidul Islam
  19. In SMS window, creation of arc is allowed only in plan view. When I go through some sms tutorial, I have seen some domain arc along channel bottom line which can be seen only in 3D view. I want to know, how can I perform this ? A sample picture from SMS tutorial is given below:
  20. Sir, Thank you for your reply. I have tried many times but failed to identify the problem. There must be some problems which I don't know. I am giving you the download link of file containing data and also attaching the required screenshot. Kindly, see the attachment and let me know, what may be the problem. https://drive.google.com/open?id=15azgnF0TtRosOBNtQHYZKK81aOMw92T9 Thanking you, Shahidul Islam
  21. Hello, I am doing a SMS-SRH 2D model. When I ran the model, it gave me all output value zero. There are several discontinuity in boundary line after mesh generation. Is that creating the problem? I have attached a screenshot herewith.
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