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  1. Thanks, I'll try creating new breaklines instead of adding one vertex at a time. I didn't have to create any triangles by hand, it just made so many triangles automatically that I had to delete most of them before adding the next vertex. It would have been simpler to create the vertex then add the triangle by hand.
  2. Thanks, that did it. I mainly just wanted the geometry anyway. Also, it's good idea to put the Map Data in its own folder before binging in the map data from the other project because many of the maps have the same name, and this will keep them separate. I have a second question on another subject: I am doing some editing on a small portion of the scatter tin, deleting and adding a few triangles and vertices. Whenever I add a new vertex, triangles are automatically added around the new vertex. Is there a way to stop the program from adding triangles whenever I add a vertex?
  3. How can I copy a materials coverage from another SMS project? I tried opening the "name.materials" file in the other project, but nothing happened.