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    Dual domain mass transport

    Thanks for your help, Lalith. I right clicked on "grid" and was able to export my desired dataset as a shapefile. I installed ArcGIS and opened the attribute table from the shapefile. However, it looks to me the attribute table contained no concentration information. It only lists the cell and indicates whether or not the cells were active. See attached. Did I export the wrong shapefile? Can you point me to where you right clicked to get all concentrations for all time series?
  2. kpham89

    Dual domain mass transport

    Hi Lalith: So when I did what you said, I will get the concentrations for all the cells in a time step. See attached picture. Then if I click on the next time step, I get the next set of concentrations (all cells) for that time step. I would like a way to obtain concentrations for all the timesteps at once. Maybe in a ASCI II text file so I can program the simultaneous reading of the different time steps instead of having to click through the time steps individually. Let me know what you think. -Kien
  3. kpham89

    Dual domain mass transport

    I saw that the Active Dataset Time Series only get me ten cells at a time. I want the concentrations of all the cells at all timesteps. I rather not having to do the right click because I have a lot of time steps and 200 cells. Let me know if you want me to clarify my question further. Thank you for your help thus far.
  4. kpham89

    Dual domain mass transport

    Hey Alan: I can get a particular data set by time manually. I am looking to get all of the concentrations at all times once and then do the post processing myself. I think that comprehensive concentration dataset is only available in binary format, correct? Is there a way I can export that comprehensive (all times, all gridblocks) concentration data set in decimal? Let me know. Thank you.
  5. kpham89

    Dual domain mass transport

    Thanks for the reply, Alan. Is there a way to extract sorbed and regular concentrations for all the time steps? I know how to click on the individual timestep and export concentrations that way but not sure if there is a more efficient way to obtain all the timestep concentrations in a file.
  6. kpham89

    Dual domain mass transport

    Hi Kathy, I am looking for the same thing. Did you ever figure it out?
  7. kpham89

    Output with immobile (sorbed) concentration

    Hi Christian, I am looking for the sorbed concentrations as well. Did you ever figure out where the concentrations were stored?
  8. kpham89

    Automatic Saturated Area Calculation

    Nevermind. I figured out that by selecting the saturated cells and do flow budget, the flow budget menu actually has a count of the saturated cells.
  9. Is there a way in MODFLOW to compute saturated areas or count saturated cells automatically? I am trying to compute Darcy velocity out at the end of my model. I know I can get the flow from the Flow Budget. However, because the water table did not saturate the entire depth (z-direction) of my model's end, I can't just use the full cross section area of my model to compute Darcy velocity. I can count the cells and go that route but I want to make sure there is no easier way. Thanks.