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  1. Well screens

    Thank you Lalith for the reply You just confirm what i was thinking before. It seems that my GMS as a software bug or glitch
  2. Well screens

    Hi all, Using the option "use screen" for "wells" in sources/sinks, am I telling the model that the water extraction is only carried out in this interval? When I turn on this option GMS transforms my extraction wells in injection wells!! Why is that? Is it a software problem? Best regards Filipe Miguéns
  3. Observation points using MODFLOW USG

    Hello everyone, Can someone tell me if there's a limited number of observation points using MODFLOW USG? I have 77 observation points for my model, but when I create the files in GMS it considers only 7 of them! I started my model from scratch using MODFLOW-USG, so I cannot import the 3D Grid files as exemplified in the tutorial. Another thing that occurs in my model after running it, is that the observation targets don't show the same value as the generated head surface?! Can you help me? Best regards Filipe Miguéns
  4. Multilayer model calibration

    Thank you so much Alan! Today i've completed the pilot points tutorial and think i found a way. I'll try also this tutorial. At this moment my biggest problem is my model convergence. I cant make it converge using field data for HK and RCH... Nonetheless i'll keep trying Thank you again
  5. Multilayer model calibration

    Hello everyone! I'm building a multilayer model with GMS (MODFLOW-USG) for a region in Portugal and i start the calibration fase. Can anyone tell me the best way to calibrate my model? I'm thinking about to using the pilot point method, but i cant find a tutorial on how to proceed for calibration of multilayer models... Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance