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  1. hi ayman you can search in similar topics and download a patch to solve this problem. but i dont know why aquaveo deleted this patch from host .
  2. Hi , I cant locate annotations( ID or basin name ) on my Basin 's map ( kmz or cad ) someone can help me ? regards
  3. NYtimes say's : Hurricane Harvey may inflict as much as $30 billion in damages on homeowners, according to preliminary estimates. But only 40 percent of that total may be covered by insurance — and of that, the federal government will bear the biggest liability.

  4. Flood Control is the technique or practice of preventing or controlling floods with dams, artificial channels,LID metods , etc (Best Perfomance Drainage )

  5. Rearrenge the Name of all Basins when we Delete some unwanted Basin . Road Construction Models Have many Basins who would be difficult to EDIT one by one َ Also Outputs Could be in SpreadSheet format as well as EXCEL Format .
  6. When the water rotates in its natural cycle, we will not have the power of nature

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