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  1. Selim

    Factor of Safety

    Hello, I am using SEEP2D and I would like to calculate the factor of safety with software values. I obtained gradient values for vertical but these values very very small. While I calculating the factor of safety, the result is not acceptable such as 600 or higher value. I checked everything like formula, model design but I don't understand what is the problem. Permeabilities for horizontal is 0.0001 and for vertical 0.00025. for reservoir area, the boundary condition is the head, and another side is exit face boundary condition. Under the dam has alluvium foundation and beneath the foundation has basalt. My values are m/s for each data. What should I do to obtain reasonable factor safety value? Because hydraulic gradient is important to calculate.
  2. Selim

    Interpretation of SEEP2D histograms

    I found hydraulic gradient for each node like 0.00211 or 0.00213. When I calculated factor of safety, I used that values but factor of safety result like 650 or higher. I would like to learn why hydraulic gradient very small value.
  3. Selim

    Interpretation of SEEP2D histograms

    Thank you for your response. Actually I did it same way, I was looking at contour and values too but I confused when I saw the histograms. May I find any article or document about the interpretations of contours and values? It would be helpful to my study.
  4. Selim

    Interpretation of SEEP2D histograms

    I obtain this plot directly from software. After I started to run the SEEP2D, in project area, under the 2D Mesh Data has total head, gradient_mag, flowline, flowrate, pressure head, pore pressure etc. When I double clicked this tools, dataset info wizard came and after the double clicked on the 'Active time step histogram', I can see this histograms for each one. I don't understand how should I commend this histograms, what are the meaning etc.
  5. Selim

    Interpretation of SEEP2D histograms

    Nobody do not know the meaning of histograms?
  6. Hello, I am currently modeling slurry trench simulation via SEEP2D. I obtained some histograms from software but actually I do not understand how should I can interpret about histogram results. I added histograms below. Also, in Y axis is total head or flowline or flowrate etc. but X axis is Frequency. The condition is steady state which means time accepted 1.0. So, what is the X axis (Frequency) unit? In addition, may I change Frequency in X axis instead of other type value? Thank you for your answers.