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  1. Interpretation of SEEP2D histograms

    Thank you for your response. Actually I did it same way, I was looking at contour and values too but I confused when I saw the histograms. May I find any article or document about the interpretations of contours and values? It would be helpful to my study.
  2. Interpretation of SEEP2D histograms

    I obtain this plot directly from software. After I started to run the SEEP2D, in project area, under the 2D Mesh Data has total head, gradient_mag, flowline, flowrate, pressure head, pore pressure etc. When I double clicked this tools, dataset info wizard came and after the double clicked on the 'Active time step histogram', I can see this histograms for each one. I don't understand how should I commend this histograms, what are the meaning etc.
  3. Interpretation of SEEP2D histograms

    Nobody do not know the meaning of histograms?
  4. Hello, I am currently modeling slurry trench simulation via SEEP2D. I obtained some histograms from software but actually I do not understand how should I can interpret about histogram results. I added histograms below. Also, in Y axis is total head or flowline or flowrate etc. but X axis is Frequency. The condition is steady state which means time accepted 1.0. So, what is the X axis (Frequency) unit? In addition, may I change Frequency in X axis instead of other type value? Thank you for your answers.