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  1. Donald Hendon

    Scatter - Disjointed vertices

    Try re-triangulating your scatter set, and make sure your mesh is within the boundary of you scatter set.
  2. Donald Hendon

    SRH-2D Monitor Lines

    I believe it is just a straight average.
  3. Donald Hendon

    Local Refinement

    Sounds like refining the mesh. The best way I know to refine a mesh is to add an arc if it is a linear feature you are trying to represent, and then adjust vertices until you have the refinement you want. If it is a general area, you can place a node, right click it and select refine attributes, then make it a refine point. There are other ways to refine your mesh, but they will do it to the entire mesh. Hope this helps.
  4. Donald Hendon

    Local Refinement

    Can you be a little more specific? Are you talking about refining scattered set data ,or mesh elements, or what?
  5. Donald Hendon

    Monitor Line as Outlet BC

    Do you mean to have a monitor line along with an outlet? If it is just a monitor line, there will be no outflow.
  6. Whether it is checked on or off, the times displayed will not change. You have to remove it from the project window for the times to change.
  7. I ask because if you have another run in the project window, it will show the timesteps from it. You can click through the time, but if you have the output selected with the shorter run, the display should stay the same.
  8. Did you delete the original run?
  9. Donald Hendon

    SMS - Culvert Modeling Error

    What I meant by it linking to nodes is if you turn on snap preview through display option, or shift q, You can see which element faces it is linking to. Not sure if that is the problem you are getting here though, but still good to check. I got that same error when my culvert arc was not long enough to link to a face. Snap preview will definitely help you see that.
  10. Donald Hendon

    Without an ability to Undo - lock layers?

  11. Donald Hendon

    Without an ability to Undo - lock layers?

    There is a lock option for vertices and nodes in the mesh and scatter coverage that prevents you from moving them.
  12. Donald Hendon

    SMS Saving Vertical Projection for a LIDAR file

    Have you tried to set your preferences to NAVD88? You could also try to re-project file. Hope this helps.
  13. Donald Hendon

    SMS - Culvert Modeling Error

    Make sure that ALL the nodes the culvert are linking to in the mesh are lower than the invert you assigned to the culvert at both the inlet and outlet.
  14. Donald Hendon

    Confusion in domain creating

    You can assign an elevation value to your arc by selecting the arc, then typing in the elevation in the z value on the tool bar. Then when you rotate in 3D, the arc will be shown at the elevation you gave it. You can also do it vertex by vertex.
  15. Donald Hendon

    SMS GUI Problem

    I am having this issue on one of our machines. I am sure they will have a patch out for it soon. Until then, we are still using 12.1 on that one machine.