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  1. Are you using the internal culvert method or HY-8?
  2. Try breaking up your polygons into smaller ones.
  3. It may be easier to merge the mesh coverages, then mesh them. To do that, in the project explorer window, click on one of the mesh map coverages you want to merge. Hold the control button, and click on the other mesh/meshes coverages. Then, right click and select merge. This may be the problem you are having with the meshes (not having 2 selected). Make sure you have more than one selected (use the same procedure as above) to merge. Let me know if this helps or not.
  4. Got to Display Options > Map and check the fill box under polygon to show type. Check ID under polygon to show number. Shift Q will show boundary in the mesh IF you have both the mesh and material coverage in the same simulation. Hope this helps!
  5. I don't believe you can in 12.3 either. Can you not just convert the scatter points from the boat survey to a geotif in Arc? I am not sure about that either. Another possible solution is to check out QGIS, a free GIS software. I hope these answers help you.
  6. Hold down the shift key and select both arcs. Then right click, distribute vertices. Click the source arc option and select which arc you want to copy to the other. You might have to break up that polygon into smaller ones to get it to work properly.
  7. you can also monitor the progress of the model if you then select the correct tab.
  8. Click on the SRH-2D in the run queue, and you should see where it told you it did not run to completion. Probably something to the effect of your model didn't converge and you should reduce your timestep.
  9. There should be text there. It should say it has completed successfully at the bottom.
  10. The problem it is saying you have is because of the bend in the channel and you trying to draw quads through it without enough vertices. You can't make that into patch the way it is. You should redistribute your vertices. You should probably do it for the other one to. Both of those will make poor meshes. You might want to add some vertices to the other arcs on those polygons. Make sure you use the mesh quality feature when you are done, because you are going to have some issues.
  11. Hi there! You might want to post this in the GMS section of the forum, and not the SMS section. However, some in here might know.
  12. You're welcome! I have had it do that when I duplicated the run sometimes. Glad you got it fixed.
  13. Three things you could try: 1. Delete the file out of the folder, and try again. 2. Close SMS, reboot and try again. 3. Create a new simulation run. Let me know if none of these work.
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