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  1. Donald Hendon

    ADCIRC SWAN coupling in SMS

    I could be out-of-date, but SWAN is not compatible with SMS. At least it did not used to be when I was using it.
  2. Donald Hendon

    SMS SRH2d missing entries - wrong number of N values?

    I am not talking about the BC. Redistribute the vertices in your material coverage arcs.
  3. Donald Hendon

    SMS SRH2d missing entries - wrong number of N values?

    I have had this error before. It appears that your channel arc was from an elevation contour? Redistribute the vertices to have less along the arc. That should fix your problem. Please let me know if it works or not.
  4. I have had this error before, but can't remember what fixed it. Have you tried running each culvert individually just to see if it will run? This may be a way you can narrow down which culvert is giving you the problem. Also, make sure you have your snap preview on. If these culverts are near where you are changing something in your proposed condition, it could be possible that they are no longer on the correct element face or at the right elevation, both of which will cause problems. If I remember what it was that fixed it, I will come back and let you know.
  5. You have to go in and reassign each culvert (actually launch it) to the one it is supposed to be. Make sure you load it in as well. Not sure why when you copy it, it breaks the link to HY-8, but it does. Let me know if that does or does not work.
  6. Donald Hendon

    Internal Boundary Conditions - Piers

    Thanks Alan!
  7. Donald Hendon

    Internal Boundary Conditions - Piers

    I am running version 12.3.4. I have noticed that the velocity no longer goes to zero at the face of the pier. I know that with this last release, Aquaveo got rid of the "warping" effect due to the wet/dry element function, and I was wondering if this is a result of that change? Also, what are the consequences of it not going to zero? Thanks in advance!
  8. Donald Hendon

    Scatter - Disjointed vertices

    Try re-triangulating your scatter set, and make sure your mesh is within the boundary of you scatter set.
  9. Donald Hendon

    SRH-2D Monitor Lines

    I believe it is just a straight average.
  10. Donald Hendon

    Local Refinement

    Sounds like refining the mesh. The best way I know to refine a mesh is to add an arc if it is a linear feature you are trying to represent, and then adjust vertices until you have the refinement you want. If it is a general area, you can place a node, right click it and select refine attributes, then make it a refine point. There are other ways to refine your mesh, but they will do it to the entire mesh. Hope this helps.
  11. Donald Hendon

    Local Refinement

    Can you be a little more specific? Are you talking about refining scattered set data ,or mesh elements, or what?
  12. Donald Hendon

    Monitor Line as Outlet BC

    Do you mean to have a monitor line along with an outlet? If it is just a monitor line, there will be no outflow.
  13. Whether it is checked on or off, the times displayed will not change. You have to remove it from the project window for the times to change.
  14. I ask because if you have another run in the project window, it will show the timesteps from it. You can click through the time, but if you have the output selected with the shorter run, the display should stay the same.
  15. Did you delete the original run?