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  1. Am using GMS 10.2.3 (64 bit) build date Jan 9 2017. I have imported multiple GIS shapefiles into my project to assist with mapping and viewing. I imported separate shapefiles to show streets, freeways, fault lines, groundwater basin boundaries, water district boundaries, property boundaries, etc. They are all just lines and they were all imported just fine and put in a folder called GIS Layers in my GMS project. But they all are assigned by default the same line thickness and color, which makes a messy map where you can't distinguish between streets and property lines. I can change all of the GIS shapefile properties as a single unit under the Display properties, but this doesn’t help separate out and distinguish each shapefile. Is there a way to adjust the properties of an individual shapefile? My goal is to have different line thicknesses and colors for each of the individual shapefiles so that it is easier to read and distinguish on the screen. Right now, they are all the same line thickness and color, so you cannot distinguish them.