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  1. Depression Polygon Mask

    Hi Chris, Thank you for the prompt reply and detailed instructions. I've worked through most of the tutorials on WMS, but have yet to fully make connections between parts of the platform. As I mentioned in my post, we are modeling depressional storage and fill-spill processes on varied low-relief watersheds (i.e. think the prairie pothole region). I know that these depressions exist on the landscape, but am uncertain about whether they are retained in WMS when building a GSSHA model. For instance, are all depressions resolved when running TOPAZ?, and if so, does the elimination of these features show up in the model grid? How can I be certain that I am retaining depressional features on the landscape, and ensuring that GSSHA models their fill-spill processes correctly? Thanks in advance for your assistance. David
  2. Depression Polygon Mask

    Hello, I'm attempting to construct a GSSHA model of a low-relief watershed containing a significant number of natural topographic depressions. I'm uncertain about how to build and apply the depression polygon mask within WMS. I have a polygon shapefile of the depressions for this watershed. Can someone either point me in the direction of a tutorial on this process, or provide general steps within the answer to this post? Thanks, David