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  1. Hello, I am using SFR package and created diversions from main streams to supply water to lake. To specify the stream discharging to lake, we must enter negative lake ID. I am not able to find where I can enter the negative of lake ID to specify the diversion stream is discharging to lake.
  2. Dear Dejan, Many thanks for your reply. Is there any other possibility to simulate 30 by 30 m lakes in 200 by 200 m cell?
  3. Hello, I am using lake package in GMS for simulating Rainwater Harvesting structures. The size of individual structure (Lake) is 30 m by 30 m or 50 m by 50 m. In GMS I am using the 200 m by 200 m cell. For this simulation I need to discretize individual lake cell (200 m by 200 m) into cell dimension of 30 m by 30 m or 50 m by 50 m. Is it possible in GMS to discretize individual cell? Many thanks for your cooperation.
  4. Thank you Sir now it works
  5. I am using SFR package. In transient state, I have 18 stress period and assigned all hydraulic parameters to each stream according to stress periods. But when I Map the stream conceptual layer to MODFLOW and check the SFR window from MODFLOW|Optional Packages|Stream Flow Routing, I found the flow data as average of input inflow data in consecutive stress periods. Values from attribute table should match the values in SFR package window, which is not the case here. I would be grateful if you could help me in this regard. Thank you.