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    Tracking particles in Modflow-USG doesn't works

    Hi, I'm having some problems tracking particles in a USG groundwater model, because the particles stops in the edge of the cell and don't continue. Checking de mod-PATH3DU.exe file, the version in GMS is 1.0.6, but the latest one is 1.1.1. And if i replace it, GMS stop working and the sorfware close. What can i do? Another problem is with display options, because i tried to activate label in contour options (Ugrid), but it doesn't appear in the model, so maybe is a bug of GMS Thanks, Bastian
  2. Bastian Gutierrez

    Calibration - Modflow- USG

    I've upgraded to 10.2.3 and it works. Thanks.
  3. Bastian Gutierrez

    Calibration - Modflow- USG

    I'm using 10.2.2.
  4. Bastian Gutierrez

    Calibration - Modflow- USG

    I've founded the solution. You must download the last version of PEST Groundwater Support Software (http://www.pesthomepage.org/), and replace the file usgmod2obs1.exe in GMS\models\pest
  5. Bastian Gutierrez

    Calibration - Modflow- USG

    Hi. I'm trying to calibrate a USG groundwater model, but in my observation points (after run MODFLOW), the values of computed head is 0. why can happen that? Thank you, Bastián.