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  1. I'm running 12.1.2. The sof file was created when I launched SRH from inside of SMS. What is even more strange, is that I ran this model on Friday, and it worked. I made some changes to my mesh, regenerated the mesh, and then tried to run it again - with the same BC coverage. Maybe this particular model is getting hung-up somehow? Attached is the sof file from the recent run(s), and the one from this weekend that ran successfully. I did send an email to support with this info as well. Thanks! 100yr_SOF.dat 100_SOF - Copy.dat
  2. I reviewed the sof.dat file, and it just ends after running through the manning's n file, right when it should be reading the boundary condition info. I have tried relinking, recreating, etc the boundary conditions (multiple times), but I keep getting this error message. It is like it can't "find" the boundary conditions. Should you need to recreate the BC coverage every time?
  3. I went back to a model that I hadn't worked on in 9 months or so. Everything seems to be set-up ok (bc reasonable, mesh, etc), but I keep getting the run error message that the srh_pre-v30.....exe file is unknown (see attached screen shot). Which I thought might mean the program can't find the executable. But when I go to preferences, it is pointing to the right folder and executable. Is running from a previous version a problem? Thoughts?
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