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  1. There probably could  be two different issues:

    It seems to me that it is possible to read in certain raster/image files only if the path to this file contains  only  basic ascii characters, without  characters like a ě š č ř í (which are allowed  for path names in Windows system,  CP 1250). I was able  to read  in  the GMS and correctly display  image ruzne.jpg with a world file only if it  the  path  to  this file does not  contain East European characters (but path to the GMS project can contain any of  these  characters...).

    On the  other  hand, I was not able ro read in any raster, which contains a projection information in the file header (GTiff), e.g. Geotiff exported from  the ArcGIS. There could be probable some confusion in the  projection definition. The correct EPSG code for projection currently used in the Czech Republic is  5514, but  ESRI used in the past for this projection its own code  102067. I could upload a sample of a GTiff file somewhere for testing, but  the size of file exceeds limits of this forum.

  2. Dear Alan,

    Thank you  for your answer and for your assistance.  I tried to read  various images (e.g. aerial images exported from ArcGIS v. 10.3, or  QGis) in tif or jpg formats (incl. correct world files) into GMS v. 10.4.  The images are listed in the project  tree, but the are not visible in the main window.  It does not matter which projection is selected (or even if no projection is selected). I will completelly uninstall GMS and try  clean installation.  Is it possible to have installed versions 10.3 and 10.4 on the same same PC? Please find attached a sample of image files I tried to use.  The default projection for the Czech republic is EPSG 5514 (S-JTSK/Krovak).

    Best regards




  3. Hello all,

    I am a long -time user of GMS and I am testing  GMS v. 10.4.1. now.  It seems to me that  in GMS v. 10.4  raster/image layers (tif, jpg) in GIS layers are not visible or displayed correctly (despite from the project  and layer projection settings), even in projects, created and correctly displayed in GMS v. 10.3.  Has anybody experienced the same issue?

    Thanks for any reply.


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