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  1. Cell Discretization

    Maybe you could use Local grid refinement? to define new child grid (inside the original parent grid) with refined cellsize?
  2. Problem with importing of rasters

    Thank you , the problem was indeed in the Projection, it was kept in the feets. Now is solved.
  3. Hello, I am struggling with exporting the river coverage to shapefile - mainly I want to export the nodes with its ID and the head stages to shapefile I do it in standard way: Export Coverage - and choosing the .shp extension. Then I can export arcs and point file (polygon no as my coverage doesnt contain any polygons). The shp with arcs is exported without any problem, but what I am mainly interested is the shapefile with points. That is created but it doesn' t contain any data. (it contains just the names of attributes, but under that novalue). Is there any problem? According to gms wiki, should be possible to export head stages of rivers. My aim is to export GMS ID of nodes of the coverage (to have the information of X, Y coordinate and GMS ID), so I thought exporting to shapefile would be the easiest way. Is there any other possibility how to export ID of the Nodes with its XY coordinates from coverage to some format that can be then easilly processed (e.g excel,?) Thank you for any advice (I am using GMS 10.1.05) Petra
  4. Interpolate raster to modflow layers not working

    Do your rasters have the good elevation when you import it to GMS? Actually to me gms perform the same problem. I have posted it here just few hours before you. The problem just occurs step before the interpolation, when I import it to the GMS, it already has some crazy values. And indeed that different values then are taken to interpolated layer.
  5. Problem with importing of rasters

    I have problem with importing the raster (both in format ascii and also tiff). When I am importing those rasters to the empty GMS file, then I see the right z value of topography. But afterwards when I try to insert the same rasters to my model (already with grid and some coverages) - imported rasters have completely another Z value (change from 50 m to 200 m). Does anyone know what is the reason of this issue? I am using licence of GMS 10.1.5 ( I have found that this problem was probably solved by the bug for licence 10.0.6 - so why then it occurs also in my licence?) Thanks for any advice