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  1. Hi Everyone, I want to use evapotranspiration data sets in my MODFLOW setup. I am having actual evapotranspiration (AET) datasets. But, I am not sure of using directly these AET datasets as a input in my model. As per my understanding, MODFLOW needs only evapotranspiration through root zones. But, If I use AET, it includes evaporation from soil, water and transpiration from vegetation. I think I should not use this AET. Maybe I am wrong also. If I should not use AET, what evapotranspiration value I should use in my model. I request you to kindly help me in understanding this concept in a better way. It will be a great help. Thanks in advance.
  2. satish.laveti

    Problem with Legend in GMS 6.5

    Thank you so much sir for your kind reply. Your post helped me in understanding the problem. Thanks a lot.
  3. satish.laveti

    Problem with Legend in GMS 6.5

    Thanks for your kind response sir. Hope I can get some solution from this post
  4. satish.laveti

    Problem with Legend in GMS 6.5

    Sir, I am using GMS MODFLOW 6.5 in my laptop (windows 7, 64-bit) . And I am very new to GMS Modflow. I am facing the problem in reading the script in contour legends, name of bore holes. Here, I am attaching those snap shots for your reference (Unreadable script is marked with red color marks). What could be the problem and how can I resolve this. Please help me sir.