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  1. Hi Everyone, I want to use evapotranspiration data sets in my MODFLOW setup. I am having actual evapotranspiration (AET) datasets. But, I am not sure of using directly these AET datasets as a input in my model. As per my understanding, MODFLOW needs only evapotranspiration through root zones. But, If I use AET, it includes evaporation from soil, water and transpiration from vegetation. I think I should not use this AET. Maybe I am wrong also. If I should not use AET, what evapotranspiration value I should use in my model. I request you to kindly help me in
  2. Thank you so much sir for your kind reply. Your post helped me in understanding the problem. Thanks a lot.
  3. Thanks for your kind response sir. Hope I can get some solution from this post
  4. Sir, I am using GMS MODFLOW 6.5 in my laptop (windows 7, 64-bit) . And I am very new to GMS Modflow. I am facing the problem in reading the script in contour legends, name of bore holes. Here, I am attaching those snap shots for your reference (Unreadable script is marked with red color marks). What could be the problem and how can I resolve this. Please help me sir.
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