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  1. Thank you for replying. I've made Layer 1 be unconfined. it's same dry cells. 4 Layers have 1 water level /SWL-starting head in layer 1/, so simulated head should be 1 that is same at all layers. Is it right or false? my simulated head did not same when ortho mode on. Head is different in each layer. I want to how much drawdown will be after 40 years during pump. what should i do. I am beginner modeler. Layer 1 -green -clay-Kh 0.001m/d, Ss 0.001 Top - 1000masl /approximately/ Static water level 850-1040masl Bot1 - 800masl /approximately/ Layer 2 -purple-sandy clay or sandstone aquifer-Kh 3-12m/d, Ss 0.008-0.03 Bot2 - 750masl /approximately/ Layer 3-red--clay-Kh 0.001m/d, Ss 0.001 Bot3 - 700masl /approximately/ Layer 4-purple-sandy clay or sandstone aquifer-Kh 3-12m/d, Ss 0.008-0.03 Bot4 - 650masl /approximately/ Specified head are west, north and east. /orange/ Recharge-5.4e-6 m/d Pumping rate -total 28PB -87448m3/d I've attached some image. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I have a question about head of the transient model. I am simulating model with 4 layers /top-clay, 2-aquifer, 3-clay, 4-aquifer/ which are all confined. Is it right about all layers confined? I built conceptual model using the Borehole-Solid, Map-Modflow and 3D grid with Modflow 2000, LPF package, PCG solver. I think, aquifer is confined, so pressure water level in Layer 1. So, I could not understand transient computed head. Because, when ortho mode on and layer 1, around all pumping wells get dry, drawdown is very high /2000, 3000m/. Layer 2-head and drawdown is ok. Which layers head is correct? Initial head from Steady state head and using Starting head-3D dataset to Grid. Thank you
  3. hi i use GMS 10.0 then i updated 10.1. Interpolation of Map to Modflow layer command hasn't done with GMS 10.1.
  4. My model is totally 7 layers with 3 aquifer /light blue/, 3 clay and clayey sand layer /dark blue/, 1 confining unit /grey/. Please check the attachment photos. How could i add starting head and specific head. Please help me. Thank you for all GMS users. Let me apologize for my English skills. Best Regards Zoloo
  5. Hello. My modeling is same situation. How could I introduce the starting head in this situation? Modflow 2000.
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