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  1. Hello WMS provides auto-numbering and naming of the sub-basins as well as few sub-basins will be delineated as empty sub-basins didn't have any tributaries. Is there any options to make WMS get ride of the empty sub-basins and combine them with the more logic adjacent ones, and also is there any option for customizing the auto numbering and labeling of the sub-basins. Best regards
  2. Hello When running the HEC-HMS, there are warning and errors as follows: WARNING 20657: Hyetograph gage "NAKHIEL" for subbasin "691B" contains 596064 missing precipitation values that were set to zero. WARNING 41784: Simulation time interval is greater than 0.29 * lag for subbasin "630B"; reduce simulation time interval. ERROR: 10000 Process could not be completed because of a lack of memory. Contact HEC for recommendations. - The precipitation values of the Hyetograph gage are as follows: 12/5/2001 1:00:00 AM 0.25 1/3/2002 1:00:00 AM 0.76 1/9/2002
  3. Dear Chris So, do you recommend me to delete the zero values from the columns (for only 3 months of the year I have 2 or 3 rainfall values and the rest of the days are zeros)? Or take the average for each month so the data will be monthly (it will be 2 or 3 month have that average and the rest of the year will be zeros)? Which approach you recommend for better building the hydrologic models? Best regards
  4. Dear Chris I copied and pasted my data into the x, y columns and only 300 readings are pasted, how to enter the whole of my data (more than 10 years of daily records)? Best regards
  5. Dear Chris Thank you so much, that's fine but my question is about the y axis (Distribution) is it correct if I edited the intensity (mm) under the distribution will it be counted as intensity as I showed above?
  6. Thank you Chris for your support. The editor is showing the Unit Time (min) and the Distribution, example of my gauges is as follows: Rain gauge: Lat ****, Long **** Time rainfall intensity (mm) 1/1/2000 2 1/2/2000 0 1/3/2000 1.2 1/4/2000 3 I need to edit the rainfall as intensity or depth in mm for each day. Please advice Best regards
  7. Hello I have a number of rain gauges with rainfall intensity (mm) around my drainage basin, they have different start and end dates with daily rain fall, some of them start from 2001 ending by 2016, others start from 1999 ending by 2012, and so on. How to edit these gauges with their location in WMS to appear as coverages and edit these records and use them in hydrologic modeling, do I have to cut the dates so they have the same start and end dates or no. Best regards
  8. Hello I am trying to do the tutorial of HEC-HMS, once I saved the HMS file, the error message comes up as "The start data or time is invalid", where the problem may be?
  9. Hello I have a GIS data containing a number of rainfall gauges of the events in the past 10 years, for each year I just have the rainfall intensity for 3 or 4 month only and the rest of the year the intensity is 0, how to use these information in WMS, how to model this 10 years, how to use/import these data into WMS and how to setup a model to handle that, I saw the tutorials but I need additional help to figure out this real problem. Best regards
  10. I am running the NSS model within WMS, How to install the NSS_v6.mdb in the same directory?
  11. Hello Is there a compatible version of SMPDBK model for windows x86-bit Best regards
  12. Hello When running the NSS model, I got the following error message: make sure the nss database file (nss_v6.mdb) is located in the same directory as your wms nss.exe file How to fix that Best regards
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