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  1. On 5/30/2019 at 6:18 PM, Bri said:

    Which version of WMS are you using, and when did you download it?  I know there was a problem with the maps function for a while, but the build on the downloads page (dated May 3rd) seems to have fixed it for most people.

    Thanks Bri, I am using version 10.1.11.

  2. Hello,

    I installed WMS on Windows 10 64bit, and installed the offline version of Netframe work 3.5 which is required by WMS, but there is a problem launching the Virtual Earth Map Locator (Define boundary), the map doesn't show up. Is there any help?

    Thank you so much


  3. Hello,

    When modeling a number of diversions (or other elements) with the same geometry at different locations in the watershed, the HEC-HMS generates the same number of basins with zero values such as the Area, Curve number, Impervious %, .... and Lag time (min). What about the Lag time computation for each Diversion, is it right to set it the same for each diversion? Do I have to calculate it manually using the known Lag time equations? If the diversions have the same geometry, the Lag time will be the same, is this correct? Any clarification will be appreciated on setting the Lag time and its importance  and effect on the model calculations.

    Best regards

  4. Thank you so much Chris for your kind help. Yes, the Add sink is the best option for the case I mentioned in the figure (or injection wells), I need to use a number of sinks at outlet points inside the watershed, but when use Add sink, it gives an error as "Must select the last outlet" which is not what I need. I would like if the Add sink work at any outlet point.

    Best regards

  5. Hello,

    I mapped lakes polygons over the Drainage coverage, and set the polygon attributes to Lakes, and saved the project as HEC-HMS. The lakes didn't appear on the HEC-HMS project, how to fix that to?

    Best regards

  6. Hello,

    I am running HEC-HMS model, in the Define precipitation step, when I use the option of: Frequency storm (to edit the values of rainfall during the storm), the model gives the following error on cleaning the mode:

    No precipitation time series is defined for basin 1B

    Why it gives that error? where the precipitation is entered in the Define precipitation step.

    Best regards

  7. Hello

    When running HEC-HMS, the difference is so big between the direct flow and the total flow; for example direct flow (1000 M3/s) and total flow (30 M3/s), see attached file, is there any explanation for that big difference?

    Best regards


  8. Hello

    I am trying to calibrate a GSSHA model, the hydrograph is over estimated, I calibrated the sensitive parameters even at the minimum or maximum to decrease the discharge and the hydrograph to the observed value or close to it but still over estimated, what else I have to look for? Thanks a lot.

  9. Hello,

    I am trying to include the evaporation/evapotranspiration in GSSHA, the modeled area only includes about 10% vegetation and the rest of the landuse is dry areas (roads, gravel, open spaces, commercial, urban). My question is what about the paramere values in case of no vegetation, can I put zero (0) or I have to use certain values for vegitation radiation coefficient, canopy stomatal resistance. Is there a standard values/tables for these parameters to have an idea and obtain approximates appropriate for my stuy area (Sinai, Egypt). Also, if I used the evapotranspiration table as shown above, does th model will calculate the evaporation from the soil/land uses during the rain storms?

    Best regards

  10. Hello,

    I am trying to run GSSHA but it gives this error and can't run:

    A non-real overland flow water depth has been detected in cell 411 after applying overland boundary conditions and overland pumping.

    Why that error and how to fix it?

    Best regards

  11. Hello,

    Is there any way for clipping a hydrologic model such as HEC-HMS or GSSHA to focus on a certain sub-basin (s) instead of starting every thing from the beginning of that sub-basin (DEM trimming, running topaz, delineating the watershed, ....etc)? Best regards

  12. Hello

    I am running HEC-HMS and I got the following error:

    "10000 processes could not be completed because of a lack of memory, contact HEC for recommendations."

    The processor is i7 and the memory is 8 Gb, is that error is really related to a memory, what I can do?

    Best regards



  13. Hello

    I am trying to re-delineate the basins after modifying the outlets, every time I re-use the Delineate Basins Wizard, the process take so long time (about 5 hours or more) compared to the previous one.(about 5 to 15 minutes), I didn't add any thing new, just relocating some of the outlets, I am using WMS v. 10.1.10, nothing is related to the computer performance, space on drives and the memory is ok. What is the reason for that, Is there any thing I have to do to clean the previous processes and make the process take the normal time as before (5 to 15 minutes)?

    Thank you

  14. Dear Kyle

    Thank you so much, I fixed all of that but I still receive this error on saving the HEC-HMS file: Unrecognized time interval (E Part)

    What that error means and how to fix it?
    Best regards
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