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  1. After experimenting with the node distribution features using the Bias and cubic spline , I found out that they produce more problems with the mesh network causing the program to become unstable. How do you undo the distribution features? For example two equivalent domains with the same specific spacing and 1st degree of bias look very different. I am trying to do away with the uneven/gradual distribution, but to no avail. Any advise or help would be great! Thanks!
  2. Thanks Calbert for this helpful advice! The BC and materials did snap at the same locations. But when I took the unassigned material zone out of the model just to check, the simulation was able to run fine. The unassigned material zone, even though it snapped with the BC, did intersect with and include other material polygons complicating the snapping. I will probably need to simplify by merging all the unassigned material zone into one polygon and also make sure the BC edges snap in the same locations. Thank you for your help! Salam
  3. After creating a third simulation run using mesh generated by a different DEM, the simulation is not allowed to run, giving the following error message: " terminated with exit code 0, stopped in structure culvert *.f90, error code 8393" Then when I click out of that window, I get "ERROR: Could not open file *_XMDF.h5". This does not happen when using multiple simulations with the same mesh. Is there a way to run multiple simulations with different mesh? The two different mesh are generated from the same "Domain" based on different DEM layers. I look forward to any advice. Th
  4. I came across a problem involving culverts, not sure if it has to do with a bug or an operation error on my part. When launching the simulation run, I keep getting an error stating “Could not open the file *.hy8”. The model was able to run successfully without the culvert in-place in a separate run. So I know it has to do with the culvert. I entered the culvert in the model by following the procedure as outlined in the manual: 1- First, specified the file location of the HY-8 model, under the edit tab /preferences. 2- Created the *.Hy8 file through the boundary condition coverage. 3
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