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  1. We have loading a GMS5.1 project and are changing the grid resolution, interpolating modflow layers and saving the setup. When reloading we get error message "error reading ba6 file" and layer infomation are loaded. Seems to be a program error!! Have anyone else observed the same problem? Regards Jacob Birk Jensen (Denmark)
  2. I have build a nice model in GMS 5.1 that works perfectly. When I import it into GMS 6.5 it won’t run. Parameter codes (Negative values in map module) for drains won’t work – reporting error: negative conductance – have found work-a-roundI optain different boundary cells when mapping the boundary coverage in 5.1 and in 6.5.In the out file this error occurs: Negative cell thickness at (layer,row,col) 4, 109, 129, Top elevation, bottom elevation: -0.75001 7.0235 A “check simulation” reports no errors. Is this stand-a-alone errors or have anyone expirence simular errors? Best regards Jacob Birk Jensen
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