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  1. Index is out of range update

    Hello Jack Grayson, Excuse me that I did not send you the model with the issue. However, I can give you a very simple example attached in this message. First, please open the project named “index_is_out_of_range_test.gpr” which is a transient state with 50 stress periods. When you will try to convert the conceptual model Map -> MODFLOW, you will get the error message Index is out of range. Now open the other project named “Index_is_out_of_range_solution” which is also a transient state but with only 5 stress periods. Here you can map the conceptual model to grid mudflow without any problem. Thank you for your replay. Test_index_is_out_of_range.rar solution_index is out of range.rar
  2. Hello, I built a model with Streams (SFR2) and lakes (LAK3). I know that, until now, GMS cannot automatically connect SFR2 with LAK3 when converting the conceptual model from Map ->MDFLOW. As a workaround, we edit the OUTSEG and INSEG IDs of the SFR2 manually using the negative lake IDs (after the performing a Map-> MODFKOW conversion). The problem is that, although the segment numbers are correct, I still get Error Messages when I run the Model Checker as shown in the figure below. Is there any possibility to remove this error message from model checker? Thank you
  3. Hello, Is there any possibility to make the streams created using the SFR2 package in GMS using the conceptual model approach cross the parent/child boundaries (when using MODFLOW-LGR)? I wonder if the GMS development-team can benefit from the publication report: MODFLOW-LGR-Modifications to the streamflow-routing package (SFR2) to route streamflow through locally refined grids.https://pubs.usgs.gov/tm/tm6a34/pdf/T&M6-A34.pdf Many thanks
  4. Convert from MODFLOW 2000 to MODFLOW2005

    Hello friends, Excuse me for my question about the topic: Convert from MODFLOW 2000 to MODFLOW 2005. I found the cause of the error message: FIRST ENTRY IN NAME File MUST BE "LIST". The problem was that I did not check the option: List output file, which is exist in the MODFLOW Output Control windows. This option should be turned on when converting from MODFLOW 2000 to other version of MODFLOW.
  5. Convert from MODFLOW 2000 to MODFLOW2005

    Hello, Anyone have an Idea how to convert a modflow2000 model to modflow 2005. I simply tried to use the modflow global options and change the version from 2000 to 2005, and saved the project with a new name. But when I ran the Modflow I got this error message: FIRST ENTRY IN NAME File MUST BE "LIST" . MODFLOW terminated with error!. Thanks
  6. Index is out of range

    Hello friend, Do anyone know the cause of the error message: Index is out of range . This happens usually when i convert my conceptual model to MODFLOW. My model is relatively big one. it consists of 5 layers with about 55000 active cells. The maximum number of stress period, which I can define is 27. If I try to increase the Stress periods number I get this error message. is there a limitation for the Stress periods number depending on the number of active cells or the complexity of conceptual model. Thanks