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  1. Hello everybody I have a SEAWAT problem with MODFLOW/MT3DMS. Flow model works fine but MT3DMS prompts error message requiring to use sink/source term. I have no wells in the problem and the only BC are constant concentrations at both sides of the boundary. Why I need to specify sink/source terms? In this case do I need to specify negative values of ICBUND array at constant concentration cells? Thanks for help Speedy
  2. Starting head initiation

    if the starting head is in the third layer then anything above is dry. You have to specify a head within each layer otherwise you may want to merge them into one

    Does GMS supports Conduit Flow Process for MODFLOW-2005 I have to build a model for flow in Karst aquifer, so does GMS support that?
  4. What does this Error message mean?

    I could get around this problem by starting a new model from scratch, copying all input data from the old model using the spreadsheet editor of the GUI and making some editing in the native Modflow files. Surprisingly, it works with no errors.
  5. What does this Error message mean?

    I tried to export native Modflow files but got the same error message!
  6. What does this Error message mean?

    As I mentioned in my OP, the model is forward. No calibration and no pilot points. I suspect this is a bug in the software as I have not manually edited the file.
  7. I run a Modflow model but I get a strange error message. Can anyone explain to me what does it mean? error message Please note the model is simple, and forward. No calibration or pilot points included. Thanks
  8. Import/export GHB

    Hello folks Is there a way to import/export General Head Boundary file, without the need to go through coverage? I have a text file containing the General Head Boundary for MODFLOW, and I need to work on the text file before importing it into the model. I also want to export a file from one simulation to another. Is there a way to do it in GMS 10.0? Thanks
  9. Calibration using PEST help

    try the following: -increase parameter bounds in PEST -increase number of runs in PEST -decrease the threshold error in MODFLOW -if using regularisation, try first without it.

    Further to my previous post, I noted the difference between the tutorial in the zip file and the online one is the index html file. In the downloaded copy it is not up to date. The rest I think is the same.

    Thanks. I noted that the online tutorial: http://www.aquaveo.com/software/gms-learning-tutorials is more updated compared to: http://gms.aquaveo.com/GMSTutorials10.1.0.zip How can I download the most updated tutorial? (obviously not file by file saving)

    Hello there Is there any tutorial on MODFLOW-SWI2 implementation in GMS? it is supported by MODFLOW-2005, but little information is available in XMS/tutorial
  13. SEAWAT does not converge!

    Hello everybody I have a MODFLOW 2000 model, which runs fine. I created MT3DMS model, which also runs fine. The problem is SEAWAT does not converge despite no error appears when I check simulation!. The message appears in mf2kerr.p00 file reads: MATRIX IS SEVERELY NON-DIAGONALLY DOMINANT. CHECK INPUT FILES Any suggestion? Thanks
  14. velocity vectors

    I followed the exact same steps, but what I got in the end is the velocity magnitude and NOT vx, vy, vz. Also it is unclear for which layer of the model is the produced file!
  15. velocity vectors

    Hello folks How to export velocity victors of Modflow to xzy data file. I need a separate file for each layer Thanks