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  1. Hello, I am a brand new user of GMS and have an issue I would like to discuss. I am using TPROGS to generate subsurface stratigraphy for an area where the stratigraphy requires a geostatistical approach, sediments have very little continuity and have been reworked by glacial floods. I have imported my .txt file using the text import wizard, selected borehole data, and I get hundreds of errors that all read: Borehole has same X,Y coordinates as another borehole, or duplicate X,Y,Z point was encountered. Point will be ignored. I have 1989 lines on the text file that correspond to about 288 boreholes. The boreholes are close to eachother in some areas and I converted the legal description (Township, Range, 1/4sec, 1/4sec) to Lat, Long. I suppose with the coarseness of the locations several wells appear to be in virtually the same location. Is there a way to randomize somehow to avoid this? Or maybe a way to accept duplicates instead of ignore them? Thanks
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