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  1. thank you very much, but now the simulation end with the error that the program is unable to read the file. hed, ( "file formatted incorrectly"), and that file.ccf stopped i read this reply: http://forum.aquaveo.com/topic/1423-error-about-reading-some-file/ but even if i change the solver, i have the same problem. do you know why?
  2. Good morning or evening, i'm trying building a model with different layer (that I create from boreholes-> tin-> solid -> conceptual model), and under -40 meter from the surfaces i have an aquifer, Above and below the acquifer i have differt layer with different material. In any case i create in MAP DATA: 1 coverage, with 2 no flux arcs, and 2 arcs defined as specific head ( i use the flow line of the piezometry for them), and some well. 1 coverage, with the poligon of source and sinks( rain and EV) i create a modflow model, bu
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