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  1. MT3D-NaCl barrier tessting

    Hey, thanx for replying! sorry for being unspecific. It is like you said, the tracer concentration is always zero. I have checked all the potential problems that you mentioned but still, the problem is there. I attached a picture of the model, if maybe that helps someone with an idea... Thanx again!!
  2. MT3D-NaCl barrier tessting

    Hey there, I am trying to generate transient model in order to test if there are potential leakages through the barrier. We have boundary conditions on two sides. Left of the barrier there is a river and right of the barrier I am using CHD boundary condition. The whole layer is considered to be gravel with K of 0.001 m/s. On the left side of the barrier there is as well an injection well into which we put NaCl at the time of 7200 s in concentration of 1200 mg/L. Right of the barrier we have a pumping well where we pump at ration 6l/s, starting from time 0 s. The whole experiment lasts until 21600 s. MODFLOW is working perfectly with the boundary conditions and we are able to see expected draw down because of the pumping well. I have set specific storage, specific yield, stress periods, concentrations but noting happens when I rund the MT3D model. Is there maybe and easy solution to this? Maye someone can point to me what should I look in to? Best regards, Urban