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  1. petrdusek

    lake bathymetry problem

    hello, i have one more problem (asking for a colleague) we are trying to create a simple steady state and transient simulation of an area with a lake present. we have interpolated the lake bathymetry to a tin, however the model always ends in an error. without the lake boundary condition the simulation runs fine. are there specific instructions how to set up the lake bathymetry? should we use elevations above sea level or relative? thanks
  2. petrdusek

    Transient river leakage

    well thank you, havent thought of that
  3. petrdusek

    Transient river leakage

    hello, i have a transient groundwater - surface water GMS model and I need to export river leakage values for single cell for all the time periods. is there a simple way to do that? i can access the leakage value via the sources/sinks menu but only for the selected timestep. thanks.
  4. hello, i am trying to compare head value datasets from two models. the x and y dimensions and cell sizes are the same, however the second model has 4 layers instead of one. i just want to compute the head difference of the two models. thanks
  5. petrdusek

    TUFLOW not running

    hello, i was trying to setup the tuflow 2d tutorial example, however after all the steps tuflow isnt running i have a sms license with the dongle and separate tuflow wibu dongle with the codemeter driver installed and running. when i run the tuflow executable separately it seems to find the dongle. am i doing something wrong? thanks.