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  1. tamim

    Static Tools

    Thanks, Chris! That did the trick for WMS. As you know, SMS does not have the graphic options that you described so I am not sure how to rectify the problem. In SMS, the graphics issue is the same no matter what files I am using so I do not think it would help tech support duplicate the problem if I sent them the files. It would probably be best demonstrated if I did a share screen with tech support or somehow show my screen & key strokes with image or video capture. Thanks again, Tamim
  2. tamim

    Static Tools

    I've recently started having some graphical issues with the use of the static tools (specifically, pan and zoom) and measuring tool. Whenever I initiate these tools, the graphical display does not respond for several seconds and the results of the tool function is delayed. For example, I do not see the zoom window that i am trying to draw.; the rubber arrow takes several seconds to display; the measuring tool takes several seconds to display the line representing the distance that I am trying to measure; among other glitches. The display windows repeatedly refreshes during each of the above to
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