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  1. DHendon

    Materials Coverage - one or multiple?

    I have had different material coverage when I look at a situation where a road is proposed. I duplicate the material coverage then edit it to add the roadway and side slopes.
  2. DHendon

    Retriangulating to remove embankment

    Try selecting the points that represent the embankment, and deleting them, then re-triangulate. Make a copy of the scatterset to alter first though, just in case.
  3. DHendon

    12.2 HEC-RAS Sim

    I see now, you have to purchase the module.
  4. DHendon

    12.2 HEC-RAS Sim

    I have the tutorial for making a mesh for HEC-RAS in SMS, but when I right-click, there is no HEC-RAS under new simulation. I am using 12.2.11.
  5. DHendon

    Exporting ADCIRC Weir

    Is there anyway to export a weir in ADCIRC? Or is there a way to view the node id numbers of the nodes contained in the nodestrings which form the weir? Thanks.