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  1. Is there any way to have the names appear along with the cross sections upon opening the *.txt file in excel? By that I mean, the names serving as a break between the cross sections on the spreadsheet. I don't think excel's sort function will be of any use here as the cross sections have x, y, and z coordinates and different cross sections can have the same x, y, or z coordinate as another (but not all three, obviously).
  2. I'm dealing with a scatter consisting of cross sections of the entire Ohio River. I need to single out every cross section (hundreds, if not a thousand or two) and save it as its own file. I have been selecting each cross section individually, inverting the selection, and then deleting the data points for all cross sections in the scatter except the originally selected one. I then save the file as it's own and then reopen the original and repeat the process with the next cross section. Is there any better, more efficient way of doing this? I'm doing this for a professor and neither he nor I know of a better method.
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