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  1. Dear all, Thanks for taking time to read this email. I am a beginner for GMS, and I am wondering to simulate a scenario of groundwater extraction from a trench, which package should I use? For a local scale, model set up 2km ᵡ 2km, the trench size is 100m long ᵡ 3m wide ᵡ 2m deep, I am using LAKE package to simulate a dewatering process, is it correct? For a large scale, model set up is 50km ᵡ 40km, the trench network will be around 20km long ᵡ 3m wide ᵡ 2m deep, should I use Drain package? And for Drain package, the only attributes are elevation (-2m below ground level), and Conductance (Carc=k/t*w), then how should I input the pumping rate please? Sorry for these stupid questions, but really appreciate for your kind answer. Best regards, Lucy
  2. Hi everyone, Can any of you help me with the following question please? I am a beginner of GMS modelling. I want to set up a transient modflow of trench pump testing, however I don't know how to conceptualize the trench. The trench is 100m long, 2m wide, 1m deep, with 7 observation bores locating around the trench. The water levels of trench and bores were logged for 5 hours with pumping rate 1000L/min, and I need to set up a modflow and calibrate the model. The Drain (DRN) package seems not suitable for conceptualizing the trench as the water level of trenching decreasing with time. So can I set up the trench as 5 wells with the pumping rate 200L/min each, or any other suggestions how to deal with the trench please? Thank you for any advice/suggestions in advance. Best regards, Lucy
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