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  1. Does GMS currently support MNW? If not when it is expected to be included? Thanks
  2. Hi: I have created a polygon that have a specified head with a constant head of 0. I try to Map to MODFLOW but it always end up creating an IBOUND with 1 instead of -1. How do I solve this? Thanks Rene
  3. RJSS

    Printing in GMS

    Windows XP x64 Professional
  4. RJSS

    Printing in GMS

    The problem seems to be related to the 64 bit operating system. I have same files printed in the same printer and network from a 32 bit workstation and I had no problems. Thanks
  5. RJSS

    Printing in GMS

    Hi: I am trying to print a map and a model grid in GMS 6.5 but I get a white page every time I try to print. Any suggestions. Thanks, Rene
  6. Hi: I would like to know if telescoping of MODFLOW models within GMS is possible. I would like to run a transport model using MT3DMS. However the grid will be much finer around the areas of interest for the transport model. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. I am trying to create an injection well. The simulation has about 500 stress periods. I established a concentration of 3 mg/L at around stress period 20. Then I am using the "use previous feature" up to stress period 400. When I open the ssm file the only stress period with a concentration of 3 is stress period 20. Any suggestion. I reported this bug before and apparently it has not been solved.
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