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  1. Have you found out why this happens? I've had similar problem some times.
  2. Thank you Rusty. I will contact sales.
  3. I have a hardware lock for 10.0. I tried to update the installation, but for some reason the update did not run. Then I installed a fresh version, but it doesn't recognize the hardware lock.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to create a model of a small channel from nothing. I have created flume form by feature arcs and now I would need bathymetric data. I have a lot of point's at feature arc so doing it point by point would take some time. Is there a way to interpolate Z-values to a arc by feature points? In a staright line it can be done by removing all vertexes and then redistributing, but it doesn't work with curved arcs. Any easy way to do this?
  5. I have also had problems with mysterious crashing. SMS just freezes and I have to reboot whole computer. This seems to happen randomly and with even smallest files. Currently using version 10.0, I should have the 10.1, but I have not been able to register it. Sometimes this crashing also corrupts the nmodel files.
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