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  1. I set up a model and entered the unsteady flow data into HEC RAS 4.0 Beta. When I click compute the geometry processor runs smooth with no errors and then the analysis stops without initiating the unsteady flow simulation. There is no indication or output with errors explaining the problem as to why. What is wrong with my model?
  2. Hello, I have set up the hydraulic model in WMS following all the steps in volume III of the WMS tutorials. However, after runnung the SMPDBK simulation I'm having troubles with Post-Processing. After completing the Floodplain Delineation window the option to click 'OK' is not there to move to the next step and view the output. This seems like a minor problem, but I can't figure it out. Does this have to do with registry or how the program was downloaded? If anyone knows what's up here, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks! Moose
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