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  1. Hi Rusty, Thanks- I thought as much but thought I would ask anyway. We use Bill's- dat to dat converter, but your're right, it doesn't quite do this. We're using depth grids from a Tu Flow model, so ideally we would able to find out the time that a certain area is actually flooded during a event. This could help with emergency planning response times. The second stage would be to identify the time of the greatest increase in depth per area- ie one of the elements that help use to identify hazard to an area. Many thanks Bruce
  2. I have some .dat files from a TUFLOW model- this records depth in a time series. We are hoping to process the data so that we can record 2 things - the time a cell gets wet (ie increases from 0) - the maximum rate of rise in depth ( ie the maximum difference between consecutive time steps) and the time this occurs. As a new user, any help in the syntax to use in Data Calculator would be greatly appreciated, or any pointers to appropriate tutorials. Many thanks Bruce
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