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  1. Chris, Thanks alot for your tip to get SMS results into ArcGIS. I can now manipulate 2D model results in ArcGIS. Thanks again!
  2. Hi all, Does SMS have any additional functions that may be usable when an ArcGIS licence is available? I am specifically interested in manipulating RMA2 2D flood results for presentation purposes. Thanks
  3. Rusty, Unfortunately changing models is definately out of the question. I am trying a downstream constant water level with small inflows, and creating hotstart files from the runs. However whenever I input a hotstart file into the next run, RMA2 says that it does not recognise the file, or cannot find it. I thought a shorter path name might help matters, but this does not seem to help. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Thanks Rusty, I have previously tried running the model with both traditional eddy viscosities and Smagorinsky. I have checked the manual and my units/numbers are correct and reasonable. I am still having the same problem- the model is running but there are no flows. I have run the model with and without initial conditions, and I still get the same response from the Spindown- termination. When I check the SteeringStatus.txt, it says the Steering Process was successful. (?) When I use the Steering Module, water surface elevation toggle, do I need to specify initial conditions? (The option is a percentage- I am assuming a percentage of the current water surface elevation?) I have even recreated the mesh to simplify it in case this was the problem, and apparantly this was not the case. I will contact the support team to see if they can help. Thanks
  5. Hi again, I have run the RMA2 tutorial example 'St Mary.sms', using the Smagorinsky method of calculating eddy viscosities. When this method is used (as opposed to the traditional method) for the tutorial example, no flow is output. Referring as well to my last post, is there some sort of problem with using the Smagorinski method in SMS? A bug perhaps? Any insights would be appreciated. Chiara
  6. Hi all, I am running an RMA2 model (steady state to begin with) and although the model runs, I am not getting any flows. The results do not include flows, there are no velocities in the velocity output, and in the .ot2 file, all flows on the boundaries are zero. Also in the .ot2 file, the boundary conditions seem to be read in, but for some reason aren't applied. Why is this? Also, how does the spindown function work? I have tried using it, but it gets 'terminated' each time. The online help describes how it works, but not how to use it! Some info on the model: -Upstream boundaries are constant -Downstream boundaries are rating curves (I have tried constant heads here as well) -An initial water level for coldstart has been applied (at an elevation jsut above the highest elevation in the mesh). Thanks
  7. Is there a type of downstream boundary that SMS/RMA2 prefers in the following scenario: -Floodplain area approximately 45kmx20km in size -Very flat, no good channel definition -Most of the downstream edge of the mesh will recieve floodwater (downstream edge approx 20km in length) I have tried running the model with rating curves for the downstream sections, as well as a constant head boundary (at an elevation just above the highest elevation within the mesh). Any suggestions would be appreciated
  8. Chiara

    Merging Meshes

    I ended up bringing in the second .2dm mesh and merging, and then retriangulating. This merged the two whilst keeping the existing mesh arrangements the same. Thanks!
  9. Chiara

    Merging Meshes

    I should add that I have merged two meshes into one file, however they each have their own overlapping boundaries. I want to transition the two to obtain one complete mesh.
  10. Chiara

    Merging Meshes

    How do you merge two (.2dm) meshes? Previously I have converted each mesh to scatter points, and recreated one mesh. However we wish to use an existing mesh (along with additional points, ie. the second mesh) as the elements have been specifically modified for the optimum running of RMA2 over this particular floodplain. Any suggestions? Thankyou
  11. This is what the error message looks like (it happened again when panning). See attachment.
  12. However, I got the same Runtime Error regarding the SMS .exe file (sms100.exe) for no apparant reason just now. I was simply panning and the error came up, freezing the program and forced it to shut down (losing my work). I was working off the c:/ as well. Any thoughts on what could be causing this Runtime error? Yesterday I got the same error on another computer, so I'm pretty sure my computers ok. Thanks
  13. When I started up SMS this morning and again tried the Linear <-> Quadratic function, it worked. I am not sure why it worked today since nothing in my set up has changed since yesterday. It may be attributed to more space being available on the local network. The mesh I have is around 900km2- a 100m grid combined with some 1m contours. My computer is an IntelĀ® Core 2 Dup CPU E6550 @2.33GHz with 2GB of RAM.
  14. I have a 2D mesh that I wish to convert from linear to quadratic in order to run an RMA2 model. However each time I try to perform this operation by clicking (in the Mesh Module) Elements\Linear <-> Quadratic, the program gives me a runtime error and closes down the program. What's the problem here and how can I fix it? I have installed the new update SMS 10.0.7 but this did not help. Thanks Chiara
  15. John, Thankyou for your reply. I am using SMS 10.0. Since my last post I have gone back to raw elevation data points, and attempted to import these as an .xyz or a .txt. While this reduces the file size down to about 150MB (compared to contours in .dxf format), SMS gives the error that my computer does not have enough memory to perform the operation (even though the file to import is only 150MB?). Do you have any suggestions for methods to import large amounts of elevation/contour data into SMS to create the mesh? Thanks Chiara
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