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  1. I already have nodes on arcs of river and ghb conditions and I assign head values to them. Actually that's my problem. The elevation and head values on arcs is different when I mapped them to Modflow. Most of the head values are above of top elevation.
  2. Such as for ghb condition I enter 810 m for head value as starting point of arc and 770 m for the end of it. It interpolate through the arc when I mapped to modflow. When I check the cells with ghb conditions the top elevation mostly is below the head value after the interpolation. Because of that the model doesnt converge. This happens also for the river boundary condition too.
  3. Hi everyone, I am trying to build a conceptual model with 3 layer and with a river, well and general head boundary conditions. I interpolate my layer elevations from raster data. For river and general head boundary conditions I enter head-stage then map to MODFLOW. After I build the model the heads of river and general head boundary conditions and the elevation data doesnt match at all. Anyone can help me on this? I am stuck right now and need help. Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, I have Aster data(cell size : 25m*25m) about the topology of my watershed. I create top and bottom layer elevation data from this raster. Then I convert them into 2D scatter data which is a shapefile and add it into GMS. To use it for my elevation data I interpolate this 2D scatter data set to MODFLOW top and bottom layer elevations. Also I use 150*150 cell size in my model. Am I doing the right thing for the layer elevations? Also the cell sizes between the raster data-set and the model makes a difference on the result or is it wrong to do that? Thanks,
  5. Yes, I did model check for modflow. It says no error for any packages. I would be able to run it as a confined aquifer. But head values of the outside model boundary are lower than the bottom of cells. This is why it doesn't converge it using convertible aquifer property. But I know those cells should't be dry. The data that get from gis is correct. What can be the error for that? Thanks,
  6. Hi everyone, I am trying to build a steady-state model. I am using lake, river, specified head(Ibound) boundary conditions. I also assigned hyd. cond. and recharge values to my model. I interpolated my top, bottom and starting head values from gis data. But when I run my model, it can't converge it. I also checked my model. There is no error. I believe there are some dry cells which makes it impossible to solve. I changed the elevations to a fixed thickness on my model. Then I would be able to solve it. What would you suggest about layer elevations or anything else? Thank you guys,
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