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  1. Hi Sean, You are right, the "other program" outputs one result for each cell. Option #1 would work but I want to pursue your option #2 a little further. Can you please be a little more specific as to how I can save the grid file with the HK values in a format that can be read with a text editor such as wordpad. When I use the 3D Data Set -> Grid... in MODFLOW's LPF Package|Horizontal Hydraulic Conductivity window, it bundles the information into the .gpr file and I cant gain access to the information within this file except with the HDFView program. Thanks once again for your help Jim B
  2. I need to import horizontal hydraulic conductivity data generated by another program into GMS MODFLOW. My current MODFLOW model is based on a simple 100 by 100 by 6 grid. I cannot input each value separately because I have numerous output files from the other program to run and each cell will be assigned a different value. I also expect that I will be altering the geometry of the grid based on my results. The output of the program can be easily converted to csv, txt, or dat formats. I am deeply appreciative for any help I can get with this seemingly simple problem. Thank you Jim B
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