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  1. John, You are right. I was on "Area Property". Now I can get a mesh after changing coverage type to "Generic 2D Mesh". Greatly appreciate your help. Peifeng
  2. John, Thank you very much. I thought "build polygons" is in mesh module. Now I am able to build polygons. Then I got another problem when I tryied to generate 2D meshes by slecting the polygons and clicking "Feature objects"--"Map-2D mesh". It gives "A mesh must exist to assign materials to the area coverage". I don't get this error message when doing it with SMS8.0. Do you have any idea about solving this problem? Appreciate it, Peifeng
  3. Dear all, I am using SMS10.0.3 to creat my 2D grid system. I follow a tutorial for SMS8.0 which use "build polygons" ... to create meshes. However, there is no "build polygons" in SMS10.0.3. I am wondering what is the alternative function of "build polygons" in SMS10.0.3. Any help is appreciated. best, Peifeng
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