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  1. Thank you Joel. We are having the same problem and we didn't know what happened. I hope that this is solved soon
  2. We are trying to find the resonant periods on one harbour. But we don’t know how detected these Tp using BOUSS2D. Other models use 'white noise' spectrum to find the resonant periods, but we don’t know if BOUSS has tools to detect them. We are looking for a way of introduce a constant spectrum (for all the frequencies). The wave maker can be regular or irregular (unidirectional or multidirectional) in BOUSS2D, but the program don’t show any ‘resonant option’. Is possible to change the type of input spectrum? Is possible load a spectral data by *.txt file?
  3. We are using BOUSS2D to simulate the wave in a harbour. We want to select the boundary conditions of the model depending on the reflection coefficient. There are 5 different structures with 5 different reflection coefficients. To choose the width and the coefficient value of damping we use the Figure 5 of the manual (page 24). In this graph you can see the variation of reflection coefficient with damping coefficient depending on the width and wavelength. But we have a couple of doubts in the matter. 1.- For w/L=0.5 the reflection coefficient is ~0. From this result it is possible to think that when you want to simulate total absorption it is necessary to choose a width (w) equal or higher than the 1/2 wave length (L/2). Is it true? 2.- Reflection coefficients varies from 0 to 60 % in the graph, but in our case we need simulated reflection coefficients higher than 60 %, for example 70%, 80% or 90%. Is it possible to represent this type of contours in BOUSS2D?
  4. TYPSA


    I'm new to ADCIRC, I can’t use the output CGWAVE data (*.cgo) as input ADCIRC data because the format files are different and we couldn’t find a tool to convert them. Indeed, for the use of ADCIRC model, I will need to calculate the monochromatic (CGWAVE) or spectral (STWAVE) wave-current induced, but I don’t know how to get it. Please, tell me how can I do it?
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