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  1. arto

    Modflow - modpath

    Thank You very much Rob ! Because I´m a geologist then I´m thinking effective porosity "purely" as a material dependent phenomena (eg. gravel 0.3, clay 0.0001). You "opened my eyes" to figure out "what´s going on" (= keep hydraulic conductivity the same), Thank You.
  2. arto

    Modflow - modpath

    I have a one grid layer steady state modflow model in gms 10 . When I put one particle at a distance of 100 meters away from the intake well, it entered the well in 70 days with default porosity value of 0.3. Material K value is 0.002 m/s. Then I changed the porosity value to value 0.01 and after running modflow again, GMS informs that particle enters the well in two and a half days. I"m "confused", when there is less amount of effective pores available for ground water to move then GMS tells that water moves faster (from one place to other) ?
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