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  1. When I use angle relaxation method in a mesh it seems to me that it doesn’t work right. In the SMS wiki the explanation of Angle relax is that it equalizes the angle of elements adjacent to each node, but when I use it there are some areas of the mesh where the elements connected with the same node becomes very different from each other, some elements with angles of about 110 – 120 degrees and others with angles less than 30 degrees. The more I relax the mesh, the worst it stays. I was expecting to achieve results similar to a procedure call springs used in xmgredit (a mesh editor and generator) but I can’t. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if there are some options that I must change. Any help would be appreciated. Fernando
  2. John, I've received an email from David Isleman with a solution and I've forwarded it to my boss. I think he has already contacted him. I want to thank you for your support and interest in solving my problem. Best regards, Fernando
  3. John My current model is set to "Generic" and my external model is ELCIRC. It is very similar to ADCIRC so I really need to create a file with boundary node number. It would be a great deal for me if you could make it available for "Generic" model. I know that it can be done if I select Info Options and mark echo to file but the information I get needs an edition to match the .bid file format and, on the other hand, I have some boundaries with hundreds of nodes so, as you can imagine, it's not practical to use this method. Thanks Fernando
  4. John I'm using an external model very similar to ADCIRC and I really need a .bid file. I don't have ADCIRC in SMS (only have Mesh and Map modules) so when I go to File, save as I don't have the option to save as .bid. Can you tell me who could it be available? Fernando
  5. How can I create a file containing the node number of my boundary nodestring? I've read to go to mesh module, File, save as and save as .bid file, but that extension is not an option, maybe because I only have Mesh and Map modules. Can anyone help? TIA
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