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  1. This seems like it's a problem with v6.5 - I had the same issue and resolved it by going back to v6.0. Set it up the same way and PEST works fine. Any ideas developers?
  2. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying - there's only one arc passing through the cells where this is happening. Also, it's only a few cells out of hundreds of variable head cells in the model where this happens.
  3. Has anyone else noticed this happening? When a source/sink coverage is mapped to modflow, occasionally some of the specified head bc's seem to get split and assigned in tandem to a single cell. Like for example, say the bc was 1500 ft, GMS will sometimes assign 2 sources to the cell with a seemingly arbitrary division that sum to the original, like 1300 ft and 200 ft. Modflow seems to sum these and solutions seem right - it just seems to be an annoying problem. Is there a fix for this?
  4. I'm trying to run MODPATH in GMS 6.5 on a fairly large transient MODFLOW model. I'm running into problems with the maximum file size allowed by MODPATH. Can you provide a recompiled version of MODPATH with the MAXSIZ variable greatly enlarged? Thanks
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