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  1. Hi malibec

    Open your mesh, go to "nodes" and then to "transform". Then you will be asked "No nodes are selected. Do you want to edit the entire mesh" where you have to say yes if you want to transform the whole mesh.

    Then you can enter the transform, scale or rotation parameters and your done ;)

    greetz Chris

    Thanks it works

  2. Hi,

    I started working with my scatter points data directly. I finished the mesh. Later I realized that I have to transfer my data to a new location. Can I transform my mesh to the new location? or do i have to start from the begining.

  3. Hi,

    I figure it out. The problem is after I changed the mesh I did not renumber it before saving. When I renumbered then saved everything work correctly.

    I saved it in the *.pts format according to my model requerments.


  4. Hi,

    When I modified my mesh. Then interpolate the old_mesh_file.pts to the new mesh. When I displayed the new mesh every thing seems ok. Please check the attachments Fig1. Once I save the new_file.pts and close all files.

    When I Open the new mesh and the new_mesh_file.pts and interpolate it again to my new mesh and display the new mesh. I found some points with zero value Fig2 in the attchments.!!!!!.

    I tried several times and the results are the same including some zeros.

    Any suggestion?



  5. Mohamed Ali,

    I believe the problem was solved when the user updated their graphics card drivers. Your IT department should be able to help you get the latest drivers. The following page discusses how to update your graphics card drivers:


    You can always try using the windows update website and using the "custom" update so it includes hardware updates, although this doesn't work for all hardware.

    Let us know if this helps please.

    - John

    It works now. :D :D :D :D


  6. Hi,

    Every time that I try to select the nodestring using the select nodestring options the program locks up along with my computer and I have to re-boot. when i tried the same file with another SMS version. it works correctly. when i start to use it again with my newer version (SMS.10) it hung up.

    more over when i was at my home and use SMS remotely it works fine as well???????

    any advise

  7. The required boundary conditions are MODEL specific. For example, ADCIRC requires the land and ocean boundaries to be defined with nodestrings. FESWMS requires you to only define the inflow and outflow boundaries with nodestrings.

    I would recommend reviewing the tutorial for the MODEL you are using for an example of how to apply boundary conditions. Tutorials can be found at the following link: SMS Tutorials

    You may also want to review the following articles on our wiki:

    * What is a node string

    * How to create node strings

    * Mesh Quality

    - John


    I work with hydrodynamic model called FVCOM which is not in the list. However in the FVCOM model manual SMS is the recommended software to construct the mesh. this information is appeard in Chapter 17 in the manual of FVCOM.

    The following link is for the FVCOM site.


  8. What model are you using?

    In general, you can use the display options to see where different boundary conditions are being applied.


    I use the mesh module. i attached a picture of my mesh indicating one of the islands. I would like to define the islands and the output/input flow to the water body.



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