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  1. Which model are you using for sediment analysis? One source for canopy cover data is the USGS seamless server (http://seamless.usgs.gov/), although I believe that it will come in raster format rather than a shapefile. There may also be other data sources depending on the location of the area of interest. Where is your area of interest?
  2. The message just means that somehow the location/lateral names that are stored with the hydrologic tree in WMS do not match some of the locations/laterals written to the .sol file, which WMS reads the hydrographs from. It is hard to say why this is happening without taking a look at your files. Please send them to support@aquaveo.com with a description of the problem and the steps for reproducing what you are seeing.
  3. You will want to make sure that HEC-RAS is open and running on your machine when you read the solution into WMS 8.0. It is also good to have the HEC-RAS project open inside of HEC-RAS. What version of HEC-RAS are you running? What is the build date on WMS 8.0 (Help | About menu command)? Marcus
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