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  1. Well I found out what was causing my error. When I chose a coastline depth, I chose a depth that lied to close to a singularity. The singularity caused interpolation in the bathymetry, which overlapped my coastline arc. I then forced the depth to my desired value not thinking anything of it, which resulted in depths within my doimain less than the value I assigned. I'm assuming this caused some numerical problems along the way. Just thought I would give some feed back since you were so helpful with me. Thanks again.

  2. On the CGWAVE output there is a line that reads...

    RK(100,200)=4.29239472702834E-004 4.29239472702834E-004

    what does this mean? I have a very simple domain that I'm running and I can not figure out why it reads NaN when I run the program. All of my nodes are within the scatter domain and all have positive depths. I've run this same problem in the past, so I don't know what's going on?

  3. NAN stands for "Not a number" and indicates the model is trying to divide by zero or something else that would create an infinite value. Check for negative or zero depths.

    I checked the model and all points are positive...is there any other source for this error?

    Is there a better way to find a node that maybe hidden withing the mesh that has a negitive or zero depth that I'm not seeing?

  4. I have my model domain all set up and I double checked everything, and it all looks fine to me. I ran a model check and I get no errors. The program doesn't have a problem running but while it's performing the iterations it returns this continuously:

    200 Iterations Completed, Residual = NaN

    201 Iterations Completed, Residual = NaN

    202 Iterations Completed, Residual = NaN


    Is there a source for this error. I ran it up to 4000 iterations and it's always saying "NaN" ?????

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