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  1. I have been creating a mesh using patches. The mesh looks good in the properties window for each polygon. However, when I generate the whole mesh, it appears different, with triangles crossed. If I check the mesh properties for each polygon, they still look as I intended them to be. Could someone know what is going on?
  2. SMS is 'ceasing' repeatedly when I am manualy creating points using the scatter module. This is happening rather frequently. I have been editing a mesh that was created by importing survey pts. I have been supplementing the mesh with additional pts on the polygon boundary manually. For some reason SMS does not seem to interpolate or extrate using the all the survey pts. As a result, I notice some of the nodes have wrong elevations --that are very low compared to the rest of the topography. I the survey data do not have those elevations at all. Nevertheless I have been going around the polygon to 'massage' the points so that the topography is smooth. SMS then just stops responding -and I have to close it from windows. I have created meshes with this data before and it run without problems. Has anyone any clue about what could be the problem??
  3. I forgot how to view mesh data-in 3_D for QA/QC. Can someone help me with this?
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